Saturday, 21 March 2015

Controvertial Cohorted

So, when Cohorted first started I raved about it. 
Cheap, high end and premium beauty products for a quarter of the price?! Erm, amazing!

There was also a rumous of the Lorac Pro pallet coming into stock, and a friend of mine, search everywhere when we were stateside for it, but could't find it, and this was the ultimate good news!

This was back in July that it advertised, then in October, Cohorted insisted they were just awaiting the arrival of stock for the Lorac Pro... Christmas came and went and still no sign.

As of beginning of February, their new website launched, and the drama happened, regarding the new site, and beauty box coinsiding and many people were more than disappointed. 
Many of whom, had been loyal customers, like myself, for quite a number of months.

So, I don't think we'll be getting the Lorac Pro pallet eh? Sad face. Ah well, the search continues!

Back to the controversy surrounding Cohorted, which is with them being a little suspect about where their products come from, and the high end beauty brands knowning nothing of the online retailed, makes me take a step away, and not buy anything for now. I am sure by now you know the one's I am talking about.

However, I did buy the March beauty box, as my order was placed in Feb, and couldn't be cancelled. 

It arrived this week, and here are the contents...

Too Faced - Exotic Colour Intense Eye Shadow
RRP £12.50
Copper Peony
Buy here

Such a gorgeous colour, just in time for the seasons changing. 

A spot on colour for what I wear in summer months!

Urban Decay - Perversion mascara
RRP £8
Buy here 
This is a travel size, which I don't mind as I have the full size. Great deep black colour, great thick wand for everyday. Excellent to carry around for afternoon touch ups.

Sleek - Highlighting Pallet
RRP £9.99
Buy here
Precious Metals
I am not sure I would use a pallet like this. I love this whole contour wave happening at the moment, but every face does not suit it, and I for one, would look a bit odd. 

But the colours are lovely, so I would suggest using it as a eye shadow pallet instead! The Antique bronze and Royal Gold would be great in summer.

Bare Minerals - Pure Transform Night Treatment
RRP £45
Buy here
Holy moly that is expensive for a powder ngiht treatment. I would never imagine putting powder on my face at night, but the reviews are amazing! 
I am unsure about clogging my pores at night, although I do guess it would be like using a face cream. I guess this is just a little known for me at the moment.

I think skin care is very personal and subjective, so it often puts me off beauty boxes, that include specific treatments, as half the people receiving (like me) may get no use out of it, even it is worth double the box price.

In conclusion, it is a great box contents, but 4 items is a little sparce, especially when one product is a miniture, like the mascara. 
I can't say it is worse than any other beauty box, as I am one for only taking out a subscription for the month I want, then cancelling it. So, this one off buy is good if you like that.

But, the controversy about if the products are real, the pricing inflations when checking out and the cohorts no longer dropping dramatically in price has really put me off.
I was a loyal customer, but there is something not quite right at the moment.

Let me know your thoughts on it all below! :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Oh what a dream!

Maybelline make foundations which are a dream!

I have for years love the Dream Matte Mousse, and now Maybelline have brought out a liquid foundation, names Dream Flawless Nude.

I got the sample sent from Boots, to review it for their website.
I was so excited to receive it, after reading great blog reviews, and my love for the old pot!

The colour sent was sand,  a colour i wouldn't normally choose for myself, but one which actually is a great match!So good to wear now, and it should be a good match through summer months too!

The bottle has a plastic applicator, like a wand. It is meant to ease the use of applying, and making sure the liquid is spread evenly.

I, however, put this on the back of my hand, to apply with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, which blends in lovely, and evenly.

I am so impressed with the coverage of this Dream Flawless Nude foundation, it is light, but covers well and feels like there is nothing on.

It didn't oxidise either, which is a major plus and I think I will be lovely this for a while now! :)

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Red Nose Day

I think Red Nose Day/ Comic Relief charity has to be my favourite.

I know, we should support ALL the causes, but comedy and raising money has to be the best idea ever! Plus with the t-shirts being designed by top class people like Matthew Williamson, Henery Holland, Diane Furstenburg and Karl Largerfeld, that are onto  a winner!

So today's honourary post of my favourite chairty event, is by taking a look at the Rimmel Special Edition Red Nose Day lip stick, as designed by Kate moss.

A great advert with Kate Moss and David Walliams is here:

Super funny, and effective as I rushed out to buy the Rimmel 01 lippy.

Now, red is not my colour at all, howver, seen as thought it is a good cause, I have paired it with my rednose tee, and tried to make it work.

I have the Rimmel 01 Red Nose Day shade on, with a red gloss over, to make it work  a little better for me, and those rosey cheeks!

Not sure I will wear it daily, but I like that £1.67 is going straight to the cahrity of Comic Relief!

Excellent for us beauty buyers and for my heart :)

Clean Shampoo

A strange title to call shampoo... However, some shampoos are nice, but these ones CLEAN.

The Toni& Guy range is super expensive, however, I think it is totally worth it!

Back in January, at the Boots 70% sale, I managed to get a Toni& Guy set of ful size Cleanse shampoo, Nourish conditioner and Rough texturiser, in the Mathew Williamson limited edition bag, for only £6, and the smaller Matthew Williamson bag filled with hairpsyar, heat protector and dry shampoo minis for £3.60!

I loved that the two bags matched, so i will be using these for my many travels this year, and the inside products are amazing for such a bargain, below £10!!

My hair gets a really good lather, and clean from the Cleanse shampoo, then feels amazing wih the Nourish condition use afterwards.

When I have dried my hair, my hair feels completely clean, my scalp feels nice and fresh and the smell is a great shampoo/ conditioner aroma.

I have bought these Toni& Guy products before, so I knew how great they would be, but my love for them has re-kindles and I will 100% restock these once I have used.

However, at the moment I am using them on only special days, like nights out etc, to make them last a little longer! :)

Monday, 9 March 2015

Estee Lauder treats

I have never been to an Estee Lauder counter until recently. They were offering a 10 day sample of their foundation/ BB cream/ tinted moisturiser and I was dying to try their Double Wear foundation as everyone seems to love it.

I mentioned it to my friend, who said she received the huge gift set every Christmas, and would I like to try the Advance Night Repair serum. Err YES!

So, the next day she surprised me with a mini of that, plus a mascara an an eye make up remover! Amazing start to a Tuesday!

Take It Away Make Up Remover is a great oil based remove which gets rid of EVEYTHING! I tried it and all my liner was gone, face cleaned and the day taken away.

The Advance Night Repair had a cute little squeeze lid, which allows droplets to pour on the face. I used it as soon as my make up was off which the remover, I used it. My face felt moisturised and fresh. I will treasure this as it is only a small sample, and the full size if rather pricey, but definitely worth it so far!

The mascara I was given is Sumptuous Bold Volume, which is a mascara that lifts lashes, while giving volume. I immediately loved the wand/ brush, as I do love a chunky one for volume. The black colour is good and this will be a brilliant every day work mascara.

Really flawed by the generosity and I know this will be my love for Estee Lauder ignited :)

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Avon shadow

I usually browse the Avon, who always have great new products.

This month I got their Ever Lasting eye shadow ink in bronze.

It is a cream formula, and really lovely bronze colour, all in a cute glass pot!

The pigment is good, not too dark, still shimmery and a good brown/ bronze colour. Perfect for what I wear daily!

The shadow lasted all day and I didn't lose any of the colour, which is great as usually I have to superglue my shadow to a primer!

Excellent bargain too at £4 on offer! :)

Friday, 6 March 2015

Glamour Magazine

I love a good magazine freebie and always look out for what is on offer!

This month with Glamour magazine is a free Balance Me product.

With Glamour only being £2, you can collect all 4 of them for £8! An absolute bargain!

I have grabbed the Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash which retails at £9.

I love Glamour anyways, and have a subscription, so the magazine is worth the money. The Balance Me free gift is a welcome bonus this month.

The Balance Me products to choose are;
Super Moisturising Body Wash
Radiance Face Mask
Tinted Lip Salve (red)
Pure Skin Face Wash

I am definitely going to grab some more soon :)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

February Favourites

I haven't done one of these before, but it is great to read all about other peoples favourite products, and so maybe someone out there reading will see mine, and think Hmm gotta get me some of that!

So here it is:

Roller Lash
Love it! Haven't stopped using it since Elle magazine gave out this sample. Grabs my lashes and gives them a lift so much, that I can't wear my glasses with it on, as it extends them and curls them so much! ha!

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude
Got sent this to review and so far I am in love! I have only had this  a week, but it is smooth and light.
Review to come soon!

Watts Up
I got this in December at the airport, as a quick buy. I had heard lots of people loving it and decided to see for myself, as it was one of the few Benefit products I owned!
I LOVE it! It makes my cheeks glow, and look alive, in these cold winter months. I have used it every day in Feb!

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
I got this at Christmas as a gift, and have worn it non stop. A quarter gone already. I love the scent and I will never tire of it. So elegant, and perfect for me everyday!

MAC beautiful Iris
I have used this a LOT and fallen in love again with this purple shadow.
I did a post on it here and haven't stopped using it since! Love a pop of colour in the dull mornings :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Benefit Cosmetics 3 Ms!

Yhe 3 Ms referring to Benefit Cosmetics 3 spectacular mascaras!

Benefit released their newest addition to the family last week; Roller Lash, but also have two other phenomenal wands in their back catalogue!

I thought I'd give a run down of why I love the Benefit Cosmetics mascaras SO much!

Bad Gal
I actually love this to wear everyday. The wand is a fat brush, which I love for volume. The mascara formula is not thick, and doesn't cling to lashes too much, which means I can build up the thickness.

They're Real
The famous They're Real, the lash hugging, deep black loveable formula which has a wand that grabs every lash! Upon wearing it, it really does look like they are false lashes. I fell in love instantly and use non stop!

Roller Lash
As soon as I saw the demonstration on QVC, I knew I would love this mascara and it's capabilities! As did my mum, who also fell in love!
My lashes needed exactly what this was dishing out, and I went to grab Elle as soon as it came out with the exclusive sample! The sample has now run dry, but luckily I have grabbed the full size this weekend on it's release! my lashes love it!

The Benefit Cosmetics mascaras definitely have something in there for everyone, and there is bound to be one at least that you will love.

I myself, use them alternative, and keep going back to them. I have not loved any other mascaras as much as Benefit Cosmetics! :)

What are your thoughts on the 3 amigos? Comment below! :)

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