Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sample Sunday with Clinique

Sample Sunday is BACK! I have plenty to get through, so here's the first for the year...

Clinique Beyond Perfecting 
This is a full coverage foundation, and is said to be a concealer as well.
I applies it to my face,
And the shade is far too dark for me, however to try this out, i buffed it in. I was  really impressed with how well it sat and covered all my imperfections! 
This covered all my skin with out being patchy, or oily as some foundations can be. It doesn't seem to be drying either.

The formula is a little shiney and i do preder matte foundation, but if it covers this well. I could live with that and use a powder for the shine.

Here is the full cover. As you can see my red rosey cheeks are covered, as is my spotty forehead and chin.

Plus on the concealer front my dark under eyes are covered up. 

Here is my final look

As you can tell my beck colour is far paler than the foundation which is #9 Neutral so i would need a much lighter shade.
I am very interested to test out the lighter shade before splashing out on the full size, but this is very promising! 

The foundation hasn't launched yet here, so tey put your sample included in large size Elle magazine to see how it works :) 

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