Saturday, 21 February 2015

Ombres! Ombres! Arriba! Arriba...!

Is my new true love. I chose the Chanel Les Ombres pallet Tisse Vendome #204, as the gorgeous peachy/ bronze metallic colour drew me to it!

I then saw there were two brown shades, a light and dark plus a champagne colour to be able to create a smokey eye!... Or trying to, knowing my struggle!

I could not wait to use this Chanel eye pallet, and to get started with this, and immediately used it.

By using the peach, bottom left, I swept some in the corner and over my lid, then using the top left, light brown I swept that at the edge of my eye on the other side.
A great ombre look!

I then put a little of the dark brown (bottom right) in the crease of my lid, for a bit of depth to all the colours.

Really pleased with how brightly pigmented the Chanel Les Ombres colours are!

I absolutely love this Chanel pallet and so glad I bought it! I Will definitely be using this lots of the year :)


  1. The shades suit you really well! Lovely to find a compact palette that does it all. At the minute, I'm using a few shades from a few different palettes. Not good for travel!

    1. Ah yeah I am loving all the colours being in the same pallet :)


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