Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Mirror mirror on the wall...

I never really used to bother with face creams. Bad i know, but i was busy partying and wiping off my make up with a facial wipe for easiest. 

Then i turned 28 and the dread of javing wrinkles and lines and saggy skin and dark circles and everything became a bit too much! 

So i invested in the No7 Star Gift and inside, luckily, was No7 skincare for 25-35 age group! 

So now i have myself a daily skincare routine.

I do still use facial wipes for removing my make up. Shock horror... Err not really, everyone reading this uses them ;) 
I use No7 wipes £7 

I stock up when the £5 off skincare voucher glossys are out, so they're £2!

Then onto my cleansing with this i got in the No7  Ultimate Collection set. 
Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion RRP £9.50

I put 4 blobs on a cotton pad and wipe all over my face.
It feels very hydrating and refreshing. 

I then use either night or day cream, depending on if it is morning or night obviously. 

Protect& Perfect Intense Day cream £23
Protect& Perfect Intense Nught cream £24

These are BRILLIANT. Not only are these hydrating moisturisers but they are firming too, so i am doing my droopy skin and fine lines very good. Hurrah! 

Hopefully over the next few months i will love this and get really into this skincare routine and look amazing, or the same at 38! 

Do you have a good skincare routine? Which other products should i try out? :) 


  1. I'm 28 too and to be honest i rarely bother with moisturisers and all that yeehaw! As a beauty blogger of 3 years that is pretty bad but everyone says I look younger than my years so I won't be worrying about ageing anytime soon!

    You look lovely btw!

    Holly xx

    1. I've never bothered before, but with getting this I thought it would be a good thing to start. But knowing me, by summer I may have given up on the regime! haha :)


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