Thursday, 19 February 2015

Liebster Award!

Here is the Leibster Award! Yay! :)

My 11 questions and answers are:

1. What is your favourite Brand Of makeup and clothing ?
Benefit Cosmetics for make up 100% I am a Benefan and addict to them! clothing I love Topshop style.

2. Your most memorable moment when you were young?
I have to think back a long time, but I guess our holiday in Zante, Greece was brilliant. it was just a quiet town back then, no clubs and definitely our favourite place!

3. What is your dream job? 
I quite enjoy my job most of the time. I'd love to work at Benefit head office here, they have so much fun!

4. Most listened to music on your playlist ?
The Blackout are my favourite band, so definitely those guys!

5. Dark lip or Nude lip?
Nude at the moment. A nice nude gloss I am wearing lots of.

6.  Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Yes I have both. So many piercings over the years, along my ear, tragus and lobes. I had my lip pierced and had my wrist pierced. I now have my nose pirced.
Tattoos I have two, one on my finger which says "Hope" as sometimes I need a reminder, and I have my lip tattooed with "666" on, as my Dad always said I should have the sign of the devil on me, as I was such a naughty child.

7.  Favourite subject in school or when you were at school?
I hated school. My favourite time was home time. I didn't act out, I just really did not like the place. My teachers knew that, and joked and celebrated on my last day there! :)

8.  Dream Holiday ?
I have visited lotd of places, and most of those were dream destinations, like Santorini in Greece, or Orlando in Florida last year. I would love to go to the West Coast of America now though :)

9. Name 3 things physically close to you ?
Like here... Or, that I feel are close? I'll go with the latter and say my "mr bunny" cuddly toy, he's been with me since I was born, the picture of my Gran on my dresser and my Swaroski earrings I got for my 21st, as it was a complete surprise from Mum& Dad and I do cherish those.

10.  Last text you received or sent?
"ok lemme check the train, I will let you know" in reference to meeting my friend at the weekend for a bite to eat :)

11. How many siblings do you have ? 
1 brother - Scott, he is nearly 6 foot and nothing at all like me, but we get on so well. He's 6 years younger than me, but are close. :)

My nomination questions to answer are:
1. What is your favourite season of the year and why?
2. Who is your favourite cosmetics brand and why?
3. If you were to choose a book to describe yourself, which would it be?
4. What is the best make up tip you can give?
5. How would you Oscar speech go...?
6. Where is you favourite place on earth?
7. What would buy if you won the lotto?
8. which family member are you closest to?
9. What is your favourite shade of nail polish?
10. What song best describes you?
11. Where do you plan on going on holiday next?

Thank you :)

The Bloggers I nominate are:


  1. Thankyou for nominating me:-) xx

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