Thursday, 12 February 2015

It's Harrods don't you know!

I am a fan of Harrods. Call me snobby, but their stuff is what I have grown up loving. A cheeky trip to London at Christmas and I got given their cute tote shoppers, cups and all sorts. All of family love it!

So, for Christmas a girl at work bought me a Harrods hand cream set! It was so lovely to open it and see what she'd bought me was Harrods.

There are 3 creams in there;
Hand Wash
Hand and cuticle cream
Hand moisturiser

It all came in a clear zip bag, which will be perfect for my customs hand luggage make up!

The smell of the moisturising hand and nail cream is divine! A fresh floral smell, but one that really makes my hands feel soft!

The packaging is also so delightfully girly, that I love it sitting on my desk.

This is such a  brilliant Christmas present, as I love Harrods and always have some hand cream on the go, now that I work with so much paper and walk to work in the elements! :)


  1. i've never been to harrods or tried any of their stuff but this sounds lovely!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. Ooh you should definitely go! I feel like a Princess walking around haha! Yeah this is lovely :)


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