Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hit the nail...

... On the head... I actually was going to call this Valentines nails, but not quite got around to posting about them!

I used the Ted Baker nail colours which came in the make up set Beautiful Girl at Christmas.
One colour is a lovely red, pink with orange tone and the other colour is a gold with a champagne sort of shine to it!

I used my solar oil first, which is an oil to help growth, protect from UV rays and nourish cuticles. I so need this with the weather being super cold and harsh at the moment.

I then buffed my nails, and made them square with my lovely Benefit Cosmetics nail file, which is given when you book in at Carnaby Street for nails!
Read all about that wonderful experience here!

Then I painted on a base coat, or Ciate Underwear.

I painted the Ted Baker pink on and immediately loved it with one coat.

Waited for the to dry, then use a hair slide, to paint on some fancy gold lines with the other colour.
A slide, I know... Give me some tips below of what other tools to use to do patterns!

Then once that was dry, on went the Ciate top coat to give a glossy shine, but also to make the polish last longer.

I then rubbed in some No7 hand cream to soft my hands, and keep my nails moisturised. I am really loving this No7 hand cream at the moment, the smell is great and it works so well!

I was really pleased with the finished look and now my Mum wants hers doing!

Obviously the patterns are a first attempt and will get better as I go on :)


Be sure to comment and let me know what you think!

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