Friday, 13 February 2015

A different shade of...

So, today I am trying out a different shade, not the Fifty Shades of Grey which I usually wear (see what I did there.. Yep...) I am trying out a different shade of shadow!

I usually go straight for greys, or browns and have been sticking with those for around two years now. Seriously. "If it ain't broke, then don't fix it" as they say.

However, I used to love colours and discovered this amazing shade of purple which I got from MAC years ago! Think 2007 era!

The MAC colour is Beautiful Iris, and it  a sharp violet pigment that is perfect for bring a bolt of colour back into my hazel eyes! It is still available, as I have just check and RRP is £13, although way back when I bought it, I think it may have been cheaper or had a discount...

Anyways I digress...

I recently watched a brilliant YouTube video by Aaman Birk over at which really inspired me to dig out my beloved, well maybe for recent times unloved MAC Beautiful Iris shadow!

I did my liner with my one true love, Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Liner, and then used a little primer of Stay Don't Stray, then swiped this over.
As the Beautiful Iris pigment is so sharp, there is only need for one sweep of the cute little brush, which is kept under the shadow alone with the mirror.

Here is the look I am rocking today;

LOVE ths colour, and may pop to a MAC counter this weekend, so find out another pop of colour, as I need to get away from the Fifty Shades of Grey in my make up collection right now and embrace spring... When that eventually arrives! :)


  1. Purple is also a great colour for blue grey eyes! Very cute. I also have so many grey / smokey colours in my make up bag!

    1. I love the colour to brighten up my week :) Yeah I thought I'd mix up with all the dark colours I usually wear. Although back to those today! haha :)


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