Saturday, 24 January 2015

Ted Baker UpTed Abbey

Ted Baker have excellent themselves this year, with their beautifully pretty Christmas gift range. I am pretty sure my mum and myself bought one of everything before Christmas.

We also snapped up their make up box, The Girl With The Beautiful Face, when it was a Star Gift back in October!
The box is what caught our eye, with the lovely London houses printed. See here about that beauty.

However, as we had a lot of Bathing goodies anyways, and we d
on't actually have a bath, we don't usually look at the Bathing Star Gifts and missed this set out.
But when we saw the beautifully printed Ted Baker box  Up Ted Abbey, which inside had a gorgeous draw string bag, we decided we must add it to our collection, pretty much to complete the haul!

Unfortunately, by the time we decided on this, it was no where to be seen, the 70% off sale came and went and we didn't bag one. Oh well.

On Tuesday (20/01/15) I saw it online! I couldn't believe it £13.50, down from £45! I snapped that up quick time, but fully expecting, as are famous for, for it to be cancelled.
But, it arrived in store the next day! I ordered 2, one for Mum and for I.
She was so excited, as it was a surprise for her. I am saving it for her birthday next month now, but I have had a sneaky peek inside to see what is in.

The Up Ted Abbey box is lovely, and will be used for all my smelly treats, inside everything is tide up in the gorgeous draw string London house printed bag.

All the items are full size:

Body Wash

Body Lotion

Hand Cream

Bath Foam


Body Scrub

Body Souffle

I am so excited to get into this and use everything as the smell coming from the box is delicious!

Did you manage to grab any sales bargains like this? :)


  1. I've never tried any Ted Baker bath products before but I got my brother's girlfriend a set like this for Christmas and it all smelt sooo good! Plus the packaging and the bag are so cute :)
    Megan x

    1. It was definitely the packaging that sold me! The smell is a bonus! Definitely try some next time :)


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