Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Oh just Puff Off!

No doubt you will have seen numerous posts about the new Benefit Cosmetics launch, Puff Off and you're probably thinking yeah right as if it works! Erm, YEAH IT DOES!

I am unsure myself, why I still doubt Benefit Cosmetics, when they say they have a new magical product, as their new things always work!

Puff Off is an eye gel. Now, I am not into creams, lotions and potions, so these things need to be quick and easy to use. Well this is!
The small tube has an iron shaped applicator, which smooth's out lines and de-puffs the eye bags on a morning.

I, myself, don't actually have bags, but I do need every help with looking awake on a morning as of late, and this has help lots.

The Puff Off's pinky formula has light reflecting particles so this helps my eyes look awake, and not so dark.
Also, if you're thinking that it is a TINY tube, you honestly don't need much to apply, the smallest amount spreads far, under your eye!

I have been using this Puff Off a week now, and it helps so much that I am carrying it around with me, so that I can use it mostly, at my desk when I hit there at 9am, after the long tiresome walk to work!

A handy little offering from Benefit Cosmetics. It is a great gimmick with the iron, and I will be keeping this close all the time!

It hits stores this Saturday, 31st January! :)


  1. I want this literally because it is the cutest little applicator ever! I do need a fuss free eye cream too, I never use mine but my circles are so dark ah!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. How cute is the applicator?! Sold me! But I do use the It's Potent more. This is great for a carry around, but It's Potent can be piled on, in mornings over make up or under or night and it so works for my dark circles! try some at a Benefit counter next time and see which you prefer :)


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