Thursday, 29 January 2015

No7 Brow Pow

Brow pow is what I am in dire need of right now!
I had a little mishap at the weekend, and now sadly I have one anorexic brow to the left.

So, I needed to fill them to get them sort of matching, and enrolled the help of the cute little kit from No7.

I picked this No7 kit up for £8 at Christmas, the little tweezers and colours are what got me interested, but since buying I kind of forgot about it... whoops!

So, thank goodness I had it in my beauty cupboard this week!

The No7 pencil is a dark brow, so just a few strokes of that gives the appearance of the brow, then by using the brush, I can sweep on a little powder, and make it look like I have something there.

I admit I am rubbish at this sort of stuff! I get my brows waxed as I am lazy, so this what a whole new experience for me, to fill in my brows, but it was pretty straight forward, and the box came with a tips guide!

All in all an excellent little to have in, for emergencies like this one!
I think me and my slimmer brow are going to be just fine! :)

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