Sunday, 11 January 2015

I popped my Lush cherry!

After seeing the amazing sales posts from people, and pictures of multi coloured baths which look like galaxies, i decided i did want in on the Lush hype! 

Sadly i failed at trying to log on for the sale, and got bored with the constant crashing. Hey ho, that's sales for you. 

However, i saw the Valentines collection and HAD to get something! In particular the unicorn horn, which looked so pretty!! 

Therefore this weekend, i went to York and officially popped my Lush cherry! Here is what i got... 

I actually asked for help when i walked in, to find out about the new collection, and err, how do i use the bubble bar...? 

I mean, i have never used anything Lush, so how was i supposed to know?! Haha! But the assistant was lovely, and showed me a demonstration with the unicorn horn and it looked and smelt amazing! It goes a lilac colour, which is my favourite of the colours being purple. The smell is lavendar that caught my nose immediately! 

My haul is:
Unicorn Horn £3.25
Prince Charming shower gel £4.75
Love Locket £6.95
Santa lip tint £2.98

Pretty excited i got the Santa lip tint as i really wanted it at Christmas :) 

I won't bore you all with what they do as how they look as there are so many posts on that!  
I am so excited to get a bath and try these out. Sadly we don't actually have a working bath, (which is why i have never stepped foot in Lush before!) so i will save them for my weekend away soon! :)

Let me jnow your Lish recommendations below! :) 


  1. The love locket looks beautiful, it kind of makes me want to go out and buy it. Great post!

    megan xxx

    1. It just looked so cute with the other heart inside and tiny hearts! :)


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