Sunday, 4 January 2015

Christmas Eve airport shopping!

Few airport buys on Christmas Eve! 

So, this Christmas me and my fanily decided to enjoy a Christmas abroad! 
Spain was the destination and we were so looking forward to getting away. 

Of course i hit the duty free before flying! 

I went straight for Benefit, my favourite brand and grabbed another They're Real liner, aa these as so good! Matte black, and draw the perfect flick! This was £14.80! 

A new Benefit item i got was Watts Up highlighter. A stick of champagne colour cream, for £18.80, which highlights cheeks to gove a gorgeous shine! I have wanted this for a while, and with the airport discount, how could i resist?! 

Also on offer was a set of 3 mini Triple Performing Face Emulsion from Benefit's skincare range, for the excellent proce of £14.25! This is such a cooling delight on my face as a moisturiser. 

Also got a cute Santa themed bottle of Lanson champagne for £9.99! So festive and tastes lush! 

Had a great shop at the airport, as did Mum picking up some Chanel from Dad and my brother got me some Chanel varnish for my birthday! Such a great start to the holiday.

The holiday was amazing, and i took a nice long break. Back now, and will be posting daily once again :) 


  1. Who can resist airport shopping?! You picked up some lovely bits!

    1. I do love a good discounted shop :) Thanks for reading! :)


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