Saturday, 31 January 2015

A colour for every season!

Exactly what every girl needs, a colour for all the seasons on her nails.

Well, when I spotted this No7 beauty on the sale shelf, I nabbed one quick time!

The No7 12 Colours Of The Year set is 12 colours, each sectioned to 3 which are suitable colours for the yearly seasons. Excellent, as I always love changing my polish to match the weather!

Spring are bright colours, and I cannot wait to get those out soon!
Winter is dark shades, summer is pastels and autumn is metallic, which are all perfectly suited to each of the quarters.

I just loved the cute bottles and colour shade range included in this.

Original price before Christmas was £25, but in the 70% off sale it was £7.50! What a bargain seeing as though 1 No7 polish is £6-7!

I am so excited to start using this soon. I will be waiting until spring with the pink shades, which are my staple colours, plus I might mixed up the seasons, which patterns. I shall update when that happens...

What nail polish shades and brands are you favourites? :)

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