No 7 Advent calendar EXTRA DAY

There is a day 25 in my No 7 Advent Calendar! Definitely the best advent calendar i've had in terms of excellent products and surprises. 

So, in day 25 on the No 7, Advent Calendar is... 

Stay Perfect Duo Nail Colour

I have wanted this for so long! I love the pink shade and the gold is so pretty to make patterns on nails. I am super happy this was included and an extra door surprise! 

The No 7 Advent Calendar has been such a pleasure to open and enjoy. 
The price tag of £35 is such a bargains for the amoint of products included. I will happily buy this one next year again! :) 

Merry Christmas everyone! 
Hope you have a lovely day all! :) 

No 7 Advent Calendar Day 24

Day 24 in the No 7 Advent Calendar reveals... 

Protect & Perfect intense night cream

This is a brilliant addition ready for the night before pampering! 
Protect & Perfect will leave my skin feeling soothed, refreshed and full of moisture. :) 

No 7 Advent Calendar Day 23

Getting SO close to Christmas! Yay! 

Day 23 in the No 7 Advent Calendar is...

Amazing Eyes Pencil in brown

I think this is a liner, rather than a brow pencil. 
As it is brown i will pass it to my mum, as she LOVES brown. 
Cute pencil for weekends away and to try out :) 

Chanel for Christmas

Chanel is a special occasion purchase. 
And with my many increasing Boots points this week, i bought myself a Le Volume De Chanel mascara.
The Chanel counter were offering free gift wrapping on purchases and even gave me a cute sample of their No5 body cream.

Le Volume De Chanel is a mascara i have previously loved, as it lifts my ladhes so well! 

Obviously Chanel is so pretty too, so it was a lovely gift to myself. So much so that i have kept it wrapped looking beautiful. 

The No 5 body cream sample smells delightful and i will use this, but only for special times as it is too pretty to spoil too much. The mini box shall sit on my shelf looking lovely for now :) 

Topshop making me blush

Topshop recently reached 1 million twitter followers. 
To celebrate this achievement, they gave out the code 1MILLION to receive a free blusher with purchase. 

I took advantage as there are lots of goodies to have in Topshop at Christmas! 

I put in 3 orders and got 3 blushers. 

Head Over Heels 
RRP £7

This blusher, which is a pink/ coral colour, is to flush the apples of cheeks. 
Also, my favourote blush colour! 

This cute spotty compact is a cream to powder blush, which comes with a mirror and is perfect for afternoon touch ups.

This was a really great freebie from Topshop :) 

No 7 Advent Calendar Day 22

22nd of December! We are so close to Christmas! I have finished work and this beauty advent calendar has been keeping me going through the dull mornings before work! 

Today in my No 7 Advent Calendar is...

Gel Look Shine polish

I LOVE this colour! I will be sure to use the bottle right up throughout next year :) 
Such a cute bottle too! 
Lovely surprise today! :) 

No 7 Advent Calendar Day 21

Behind door number 21 in my No 7 Advent calendar is...

Stay Perfect Eye Liner
RRP £6.50

This is a full size item! 
The colour is a metallica purple whoch i really love and it has a sponge on the other end to blend and create a smokey eye. 
I've used these before and love them! :)

No 7 advent calendar Day 20

No 7 advent calendar day 20 is...

Protect & Perfect hand cream

This will be amazing on my hands with this difficult weather! 
So I need a good cream for my long walks to work, and keeping my hands lovely for typing at work.

Using this straight away! Smells amazing! :) 

No 7 Advent Calendar Day 19

Day 19 in my No 7 advent calendar is... 

Stay Perfect Nail Polish

A lovely silver sparkly number this!
Perfect for jazzing up my nails this Christmas! Love it :) 

No7 advent calendar Day 18

Today in my No 7 advent calendar is... 

Stay Perfect Eye shadow

It is a light shade, but doesn't state what colour is actually is.
Great for neutral days or with a smokey eye... If i ever perfect that look! 

Great make up collection addition :) 

No 7 Advent Calendar Day 17

Day 17 in the No 7 advent calendar had in...

Intense Volume Mascara
RRP £9.95

This is a mini version and so cute! 
It is great for volume on lashes and i am really happy with today's door! 


No7 Ultimate Collection £37!

No7 is my favourite for inexpensive yet excellent products.

Boots have just made the Ultimate Collection half price, it was £75 and is now £37! 

Luckily, I get my contact lenses from Boots and have a 10% off loyalty offer so I got this amazing gift for £33.30! 

I love it and cannot wait to get home and indulge :) 

No 7 advent calendar Day 16

Behind door 16 in my No 7 advent calendar is... 

Lip brush

Not an amazing product, as i probably won't use it, but as it is full size there is not much to complain about! :) 

No 7 advent calendar Day 15

Today on the 15th door of my No 7 advent calendar there is...

Eye Pencil in black

No idea what this is actually for, as it doesn't appear on the website or in store, when I check this morning. Possibly a eyebrow pencil, but could be liner. I shall keep you updated...

No 7 Advent Calendar Day 14

Onto Day 14 in my No 7 advent calendar and this is...

Completely Quenched Moisturising Body Lotion 
RRP £8.50

This is only a mini, whoch would last about a week. I love this to go with my shower cream. 
Amazing smell! :) 

No 7 Advent Calendar Day 13

Day 13 in my No7 advebt calendar is...

Lip Crayon in pink
RRP £9

This is full size which is brilliant. It hydrates and shines, while giving a subtle hint of colour. 

Love it! :) 

No 7 Advent Calendar Day 12

Onto day 12 on the advent calendar! We're half way thereeeeeee, woaaaahhh ohhhh.... Ok. Todays surprise was... 

Stay Precise Felt Tip Eye Liner
RRP £8

This is such a brilliant liner to use when in a rush! 
I don't overly love it, as it isn't as deep black as i love my liner. But for a quick flick in a morning rush, it is great.

Full size product, so can't complain! :) 

No7 Advent Calendar Day 11

And on the 11th day of advent, I got...

Beautiful Skin eye make up remover
RRP £8.50

This is a super cute mini. I have found this to be greasy before, but i guess that is the formula to remove the stubborn eye mkae up like mascara or liner! 

I will certainly give this another go tonight, and as it is contact lense wearer friendly, it should be excellent for me :) 

No7 advent calendar day 10

On the 10th day i received...

Blissful Body Wash
RRP £9.50 full size

This is my favourite body wash! The smell is lovely, it foams up really well and my skin isn't dry afterwards! 

So happy with this mini! :) 

Bronzer work just as well as shadow

So, I posted the other day about the fabulous Smashbox Cyber Monday deal I got online.

Now, as it is winter, I tend not to bronze, but the cute mini of the Baked Fusion Soft Lights bronzer was staring at me, so I decided to use it as a eye shadow and the colour is so good!

The browns in the Baked Fusion are exactly the shades I look for in a a shadow, and this one has a variation of colours and works really well with each other.

As this Bake Fusion Soft Lights is a mini size, it is really handy for pulling out on a morning rush, and applying!

Great little freebie from Smashbox and excellent that it has an alternative use during winter :)

Do you ever use things, for alternate application?

No 7 advent calendar day 9

Day 9 in the No7 advent calendar is...

Protect & perfect Intense Day cream

This creamy formular is so lovely and fresh on my skin. 
It is quite a thick cream but moisturises my skin well. 

A good sample size too, it should last me a while! :) 

No 7 advent calendar Day 8

One week on from starting the opening of each door of my beauty advent calendar and i still love it! 

Day number 8 in my No 7 advent calendar reveals...

Beautiful slin radiance exfoiliator

This face exfoiliator is amazing. I have used it in the past and my skin felt lovely afterwards.

Great start to a Monday! :) 

No 7 advent calendar day 7

Day 7 on the No7 advent calendar is a special No7 door and brings me...

Stay perfect eye shadow
This is the middle shade from the Good Earth Trio. 

The colour is a brown shade, perfect for what i wear! 

Excellent gift as always here! :) 

Bad Gal

Bad Gal lash mascara by Benefit is very under rated, due to it's younger sister They're Real stealing the show. 

However, i still love this mascara, as the wand is perfect for an everyday look. It doesn't clump, glides on lashes and although Bad Gal doesn't give the major volume boost to my lashes like the other, it also doesn't stick like glue which is great plus for everyday! 

Bag Gal duo Badrageous Love is £18.50 andwas recently on a Black Friday offer for half price! 

I also picked two samples with my order;

It's Potent - a cooling eye cream to banish dark circles. 

Agent Zero Shine Powder - a powder version if the porefessional range, which covers the shine. 

Sign up to Benefit emails for more of tgese offers! :) 

More Real Techniques treats!

Yes MORE Real Techniques brushes! However, these were an amazing bargain! 

RRP for Nic's Picks is £29.99 or there abouts, these were £16 on Amazon plus free delivery! 


Cannot wait to start using these 😊

No 7 advent calendar day 6

Saturday morning is an effort to get up, but when my beauty advent calendar is waiting it is a little easier! 

Today in the advent calendar is...

Lash Impact mascara 
RRP £13.50 

This mascara has been compared with They're Real and other best sellers. The mascara is deep black and the wand is made so it can lift each lash and volumised. 

Love this mini! My fave so far :) 

20% off Luxury beauty at Boots UK

Boots have an excellent promotion this week with 20% off lurxury beauty items! 

That is like airport prices, with no VAT! 😍

So i of course went for Benefif products; 

POREfessional £24.50 offer £19.60

They're Real Liner £18.50 offer £14.80

Free sample with 2 or more products:
Instant Comeback Facial Serum 5ml

Such a great offer! I am well stocked for the festive season! 

Smashbox Cyber Monday deal

On Monday Smashbox cosmetics has a little deal going on, I guess in conjunction with Cyber Monday!

So, the offer was to buy anything on the Smashbox site, and receive a free bronzer mini and primer sample, plus pick the usual sample at the checkout too AND free delivery. How could I say no?

Camera Ready BB 15ml
I picked a Camera Ready BB travel size in medium/ light for £13.50 which I knew to be excellent, and I do prefer BB creams as these are lighter for my skin.

The cute package that came with this was;

Photo Finish Primer 7ml
I have used this lots and love it. The silky feel is amazing on my skin!

Baked Fusion Soft Lights 3ml
This is the bronzer, which is made up of several shades, meaning the colour is  a highlighted glow on my face. Perfect for all over or to enhance cheeks.

Be Legendary Lip Gloss Disco Rose 3ml
This is the usual sample at the check out. Usually it is a mascara I go for, but as a change I have this shock of pink colour to try out. I think it will be my party season colour!

All of this for £13.50! Smashbox know how to treat people, what with their free foundation Fridays, or free samples at the check out! 
Excellent service too, as the free delivery arrived in 2 days! :)

No 7 advent calendar day 5

Day 5 in the beauty advent calendar from No 7 is...

Stay Perfect Nail colour - Highland Mist
RRP £6

This is a mini version of the full size, but still a pretty decent size to paint with!
The colour is a dark pink, sort of sparkle bits trhough, like gold tinted and will look excellent on my nails for a completely different colour for Christmas.

I would never usually go for this colour, but I really loved it as soon as I saw it this morning!

Happy happy happy so far with my advent calendar :)

No 7 advent calendar day 4

Today in my No 7 beauty advent calendar i opened the door to find...

Youthful Eye serum
RRP £19.50 
That price for the full size, this is a mini and is perfect.

 I have heard such great things from people about this and will be using it straight away tonight! 
Keep my eyes youthful and new :) 

No 7 advent calendar day 3

Day 3 from No 7 beauty advent calendar brings me...

Eye Colour Brush
This is perfect for me right now as i LOVE my shadows and so will be getting my use of this everyday! 

Excellent for a Wednesday! :) 


Christmas crackers have always been a must and this year they have hot the beauty counters in a big way! Last year i made my own beauty crackers for licky recipients! 
This year i have a varity of choice, but a brilliant set i got this week are M&S Autograph crackers.

Crackers in black and gold, which are filled with the usual hat, cheesy joke AND a make up treat! 

I chose mine and inside was a black mascara! I have saved the brown mascara gor my mumma and the other 4 are for the girls at work! 

These were on offer for half price at £9! So they are such a bargain for £1.50 each, these are brilliant! :) 

No 7 Advent Calendar Day 2

Day 2 of my No 7 Advent calendar has given me...

High Shine lip crayon !

The pinky colour is so lovely on, and give sparkle and shine to me lips as well as a shot of colour.
It isn't too over the top, and is great for day or night.

I love the No 7 lip crayons, as they seem to be really hydrating too.

Excellent day two!

No 7 Advent Calendar Day 1

My wonderful mumma got me the No 7 beauty advent calendar! So happy I got a beauty advent calendar again this year, following on from lat years Benefit Countdown to Love!

So No 7 is this years and I super excited about it.

So, every day of the 25 days, I shall be posting about the products I get :)

Day 1 - No 7 Skin Illuminator

I have a sample of this before, from a free gift. 
I use this on my cheeks mainly, to highlight in summer. But I may use it a little more to perk up my face.
I tested that out today and my face looks, sort of more awake, due to the highlighting features.

I really love gold colour highlighters and think I will get on well with this, once I start using it more.

Great start fro day 1! :)