Friday, 21 November 2014

Soap and Glory cherry popped!

So, I have never being into Soap & Glory. I have no idea why not, but it has never been one of the go to things for me. I guess as I don't have a bath, a lot of those companies may as well not exist.

How wrong have I been?!

Ok, I won't jump the gun with that statement just yet...
I picked up the £5 body butter The Righteous Butter. Excellent name and excellent packaging!
The rather large butter comes in a round shape, which has a hanger. A sort of Christmas bauble, which looks so pretty and would be a brilliant Secret Santa gift, to keep the budget down!

As The Righteous Butter was only £5, I had to see what people have been raving about all this time since 2006 when Soap & glory launched!

Onto the statement of exclamation! I now know why people love this brand oh so much. For the body treats, the smells is the most delcious mosituriser I have ever inhaled. Honestly, I didn't think it would even be fragranced for that price, but this is super fruity! Full of strawberry/ citrus deliciousness and good enough to eat! Yum!

After the show I smoothered myself in this, and I was in heaven for the remainder of the night. 

I would 100% recommend this product to all. I often have sensitive skin in winter, and I haven't broken out in a rash, which is so good! Also for £5 and 3 4 2 at BootsUK, you can give them to everyone! :)

What other Soap & Glory products should I be checking out next?


  1. I love, love, love Soap & Glory. Only discovered them myself a few years ago when I got a gift set for Christmas. Their Hand Food is great!

    Jegz xo

    1. They smell amazing! Never knew they were this good! So glad I picked this up. I want more now :) x


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