Saturday, 1 November 2014

Real Tecniques Starter Set lowdown

Real Techniques are just the sort of brushes I have been looking for. One for every occasion, they make using make-up easy, for a novice like me and they're lovely colours and super pretty!

I grabbed this Stater Set from, Erm, that website I used every Monday for price drops... Cohorted yeah! it was only £12 so I thought why not!

The Real Techniques Starter Set includes:
Base shadow brush - for applying smooth, flawless colour.
Deluxe crease brush - soft and over size for contouring.
Accent brush  - detail, highlighting and smudging.
Fine liner brush - for applying liner.

They all look like great brushes to have around and I think the Base Shadow brush and the Deluxe Crease brush will be the most used!

I have also fashioned a make-up brush pot, out of my old foamingly clean box, so that I grab brushes quickly.
As much as I LOVE fancy packaging, I am lazy on mornings, and like easy access.

Here that is.... 

What are the best brushes you have?
Do you have any tips for me using this new set? :)

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