Friday, 7 November 2014

No 7 Pure glamour make up set

No 7 are a firm favourite of mine. 
Their constant offers such as 3 4 2 or money off vouchers are perfect ways to lure me in, on their wonderful cosmetics range.

After browsing the Boots gift guide, I spotted a No 7 make up set which I quite fancied, titled Pure Glamour

Pure Glamour is a box, which opens like a book would, to reveal the contents.

The contents of Pure Glamour are:

Powder Brush - Perfect for applying blush.

Stay perfect eye shadow shade is cappuccino. 

Stay perfect eye shadow shade is chocolate fondant.

Stay Perfect liner in black.

Lip gloss in shade Happy.

Blush in shade Damson.

This little lot is all the things I love to use daily, so all this being in a cute box is perfect for me at the moment!

I love a good rich blush colour and have used Damson before from the No7 range. Their blushers are bold colours, and look great on my cheeks.

I am an eye liner fan for sure, and recently used these Stay Perfect amazing eyes liner for the first time. I was super impressed with how well it glided on and held it's look.

The Stay Perfect eye shadows are great pigments in colour and look amazing throughout the day, but are still dark enough to wear out after work.

The lip gloss is a really good colour, and even though it looks slightly orange in tone, it is more of a pink/ peach colour so pretty subtle.

From all of this I will be able to create my everyday look and it is definitely one of the best kits I have seen so far.:)

No7 Pure Glamour £18


  1. I really like No7 kits, they are great value for the price, brushes are always soft and cruelty-free and the eyeshadows are perfect size to take on holiday or pop into a handbag!

    1. Yeah I love No7 make up for a drug store brand, they're brilliant! :)

  2. I haven’t tried anything from NO7 in a while! I’m usually left disappointed!

    1. Aw what have you been disappointed with before? :)

  3. What a cute little kit! I don't really use No.7, I feel like I should! xxx

  4. Oooh this looks like a really cute kit with lovely items and colours! Love it! :)

    Layla xx


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