Saturday, 22 November 2014

I am becoming Real Techniques obessed!

I am going to admit, I think I am addicted to Real Techniques brushes. 
Up until September, I'd never used a make up brush, as I found them to make my make up streaky. However, after buying myself the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques, I completely understood why people loved them!

My make up now glides smoothly on, without having to go over and over and over to cover up the lines and patches!

So after that gushing, I grabbed myself some more, this being the Core collection.

Real Techniques Core Collection is 4 make up brushes, in a handy little pouch to keep them safe, all together and clean.

The set is made up of (as below):

Buffing brush - Perfect for foundation 
applying, just like the Expert Face Brush

Contour Brush

Detailing Brush - I use this for the darker shadow on the crease of my eye.

Pointed Foundation Brush

I think this is a good range of the different brushes anyone, would need when applying make up and I am really happy with everything included in this set.

I do use the Contour Brush for blush though, cheekily, as my face is not  a contour sort of face, but it works really well for blush, so why not!

This Real Techniques Core Collection set makes my mornings so much easier, and helps my make up application run smoothly.

So happy with this :)

I got this on Amazon £9.21 here.
RRP £21.99

What are you favourite Real Techniques collections?
Do you also switch the brush, to use for other purposes? Let me know below :)


  1. I've always used real techniques and loved them (like you, I'd not had much luck in the past with other brushes) however, I've just ordered a Zoeva set as they're highly raved about and I can't wait to give them a try!

    Sammy xo.

    1. Yeah I've heard good things about that Zoeva set, but I think I happy with the RT for now :)


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