Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Hello Flawless skin

I am posting about something which sits next to me on my desk, but has only just occured to me to write about it! Duh! The Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless powder compact.

I don't usually go for face powders, but I changed my mind last Christmas, when I felt I needed something to cover the skin, and hide a few areas when in work.

By the time I get to work my face is looking a little worse for wear and I need something to perk it up.

So, of course I went for Benefit, and their Hello Flawless range. The shade I picked up was honey, as it is a medium tone and matches my liquid foundation colour which I currently use.

This Hello Flawless powder has an SPF 15, and is in a range of shades great for the touching up. It comesi n a compact form, with a brush and a sponge, depending on what application you prefer, as well as a mirror making applying easier.

I use this Benefit powder on my nose and t zone, daily to combat the shine and it works really well for this. as well as giving my skin a little more colour that blotting paper would.

The only fault I can come up with, is that as this is powder, there is a little dust cloud which comes up from it when using the brush, and can cause me a little cough.

However, the job it does is great and the colour match is spot on.

The Benefit Hello Flawless is £25.50 which i guess is about the right price for a premium beauty product. :)


  1. This looks great on you! :)
    My skin can be quite dry if I put on powder, but I use this with tinted moisturisers and love it :) xx

    1. Aw thanks! Yeah mine too, but I do the same, moisturise and then use foundation/ powder :)


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