Friday, 14 November 2014

Charm and Beauty by Ted Baker

Ted Baker are looking fabulous this Christmas with their gift range. 
My mum has bought everything out of it, she loves it so much!

The pretty packaging, and rows of houses feature on the front of each gift, make it beautiful to look at.
 I previously have bought the huge make-up set of The Girl With The Beautiful face a couple of weeks ago, see the post here.

I really love what Ted Baker have gone for this year, in terms of looks, colours and packaging. 
The soft peach tones, and light blue colours of the bags are gorgeous, and the row of houses across, are fitting with a dreamy era.

So, today I am posting about Charm & Beauty. Which is a small cosmetics purse filled with 4 treats. The purse set in a peach colour available at Boots for £12.

Charm & Beauty includes :
Hand Cream
Body Spray
Lip Balm

The lip balm is super cute, in a tin with the houses on. It is a creamy, solid balm, which coats my lips well and keeps them moisturised a while, throughout the day.
The candle smells lovely when lit or without being alight!

The body spray is a sweet smelling scent, along with the hand cream.

In the winter months I use hand cream lots, and so this is a good time of year to stock up on this, as the delicious fragrances of them are always around at Christmas time!

On the inside of the bag is the Ted Baker dog, which is so adorable! I think everyone will love that lining inside!

I loved the Charm & Beauty bag with this set immediately, but the products inside are lovely also.

Great price for an excellent and pretty gift this Christmas :)

Get it here on now.

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