Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Boots package of skincare

I am part of the Boots review panel and get sent all sorts of things to reveiw, so last month I got a huge pakage sent with skincare things in.

The package included:

Foreo Luna - An electric device, covered in silicone which is meant to help with cleansing and anti anging.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple - A cleanser which is good for make up removal and cleaning the skin.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture jelly - A jelly product which locks in moisture for skin.

LAB Galvantic cleansing and Toning Device - For a superior cleanse and deeper hydration of serums.

All of these are things which I haven't ever tried out before, so was keen to see online what people thought, try out each product and then review it for myself.

Out of the four products, online people were raving about the Foreo Luna, which they have brought out a mini for Christmas 2014 and which prople are keen to love.

Foreo Luna
So I tried this out first. Strange feeling with vibrations, pulsing and massaging the skin! I focused on the cleansing, as the anti aging will take years to see effects. It went ok, and my skin felt smoother. But it usually does after cleansing, or if something is rubbed over my face... However after a few days, I broke out in spots, which can only be linked to this.
Now many say that is products working when this happens, but I am unconvinced and wanted a bag for my head, as per my post here.
I don't think I would continue to use this regular, as it is too much hassle for a cleanse.

Philosohpy Purity Made simple
The Philosopy product was the next one I used, as i had heard good things about it, and wanted to know if it is worth the money.
I put the product all over my face, then took off with a cotton pad, then rinsed with water. Only the water part is meant to be used, but I always do this with facial things.
The smell of this was lovely, and felt soothing on.
I am unsure if it is worth the money, as it just the job many other cleanses do too. Unconvinced on this product.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly
I hate jelly, so it was never going to be a grea match. But it isn't too stick, and moisturises great. However, I do prefer creams and due to the texture, it really is not for me.
Great for anyone who needs a relief from winter skin though!

LAB Galvantic Cleansing and Toning Device
This is the strangest look thing! Doesn't it look like it belongsi n Ann Summers....!?
Anyhow, I charged it and used it, and it is great for getting deep down, btu I can assure you this is for the "mature" lady. As this is 100% focused on the anti aging. It is good as a toning device and a cleansing device, but for the money, I don't think younger people should bother with it. 
I was expecting more of a cleanser such as the Clarisonic, but with the serum in this, it is a little too fussy for me.

This campaign was brilliant to try out, and hopefully I have given a worth while review, but these fussy and over the top devices really aren't for me!
Pass me back my No7 cleansing water... :)

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