Thursday, 16 October 2014

Urban Decay Naked pallet

The Urban Decay Naked original pallet is my favourite. I got it well over 2 years ago, and have used it non stop and it is still going!

It has lots of browns, metallics and just the perfect colours which I like.

The browns such as Sidecar, Buck and Smog are the ones I use all the times. 
Smog being my favourite. The brown and slightly metallic tone to it, is just my absolute perfect shade with a little liner.

The dark shade of Hustle is what I usually wear for a night, and if I am a little more goth, I go for the last shade Gunmetal, to darken up my look.

Also Darkhorse is a perfect shade for smokey/ night time look! 

The first few shades are great for a daytime/ summertime as they are pale, but with a sparkle.

This pallet, to me at the time, was so expensive for eye shadow, and I didn't think I would use it so much, or in fact love it like I have! 

This Urban Decay Naked original one is my number one, I do have the Naked 2, but the colours are a little lighter, and so I always go back to this one. 
The Naked 3, looks far too pinky and light for my look, and so I haven't bothered with it.

This pallet is now well used, but still going strong 2+ years on. So glad I went for it!

Anyone else love this one, or know of similar ones? :)

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