Monday, 13 October 2014

skincare trial for Cougar Beauty.

Cougar Beauty are a brand who recently launched their skincare range, and I was lucky enough to attend their party for this.
They have a variety of different products on offer, such as moisturisers, serums and the such like, but infused with amazingly strange concoctions of Bee Venom or 24 carat gold!

I was given the opportunity to do a skincare trial for them over 28 days. Using the products on a daily basis, and sending weekly photographs of my progress.

On first look, the packaging is a little plain, and nothing like the beautiful high end products you would expect to see. No glass bottles here, only plastic ones, so that the product speaks for itself.

The trial of skincare products I was given, was the 24 Carat Gold collection which consists of:
24k Gold cleanser
24k Gold Day Cream
24k Gold Mask
24k Gold Night Cream
24k Gold Serum

I started with the cleanser, as the first product I tried and instantly loved it. The fragrance is mango, and it the cleanser is good for the skin and even removes traces of make up.
Over the next 4 weeks, this became my favourite out of the range. It is exactly the type of product I go for, in my skincare regime.

The 24k Gold Day Cream and Night Cream, are products i would never normally use, so getting used to using these two on a daily basis was an adjustment. I find creams far too heavy and try to steer away from them. When I use these my forehead becomes greasy, and I did get a lot of breakouts. However, I can see a good moisturised difference to my face.

24k Gold Serum is my second favourite of the Gold range. The serum is light, and gives an excellent glow to my cheeks. The claim of firming I haven't noticed, but the difference from my dull skin, to how it looks now is great. I used this every day and loved it.

24k Gold Mask was my least favourite, as it was slightly disappointing. The mask instructions were to rub all over the face and leave for 5 minutes.
However, Every time I used it, the cream has dissolved into my skin, before the 5 minutes were up. So there was hardly any product to wash off afterwards. I am unsure if this is supposed to happen, as it is a hydrating mask, but it seems a little strange. I usually loved these sort of masks to try out, but this would be one I would not try again.

All in all, the fad of the products, with the 24k Gold in, is a great draw for the company, as it gets people talking, such as their Viper Venom beauty products. They seem so exotic and different, that they have to be tried.
But after this trial, I wouldn't stray from my own skincare routine, due to the price of these products, That is the main factor which puts me off, unfortunately.

I had a few outbreaks on my face, due to the day/night creams and also there isn't a hot cloth cleanser, or facial scrub which is what my pores need when being cared for.

If you wish to look into the products on offer at Couar Beauty click here.

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