Naked Basics 2!

The naked Basics pallet never appealed to me, as the tones were yellow and that never would suit my lids. 
However, Urban Decay have come up with a new pallet offering! 
The Naked Basic 2 pallet which has lots of browns in there, and is perfect for my day look!

The Naked basics 2 pallet is filled with lots of beautiful browns and two other tones, one a nice light shade which is perfect for the brow and a dark shade perfect for those smokey corners!

The Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 pallet goes as followed for the shades:
Skimp - light cream colour shade.
Stark - Light beige.
Frisk - medium beige.
Cover - brown in a tan sort of shade.
Primal - Dark brown.
Undone - dark grey.

All the colours are in a matte finish and they are perfect to wear alone in the day, or to create a eye defining smokey eye when in the daring mood. 
I dare, just not very well, as the smoke still needs perfecting.

My favourite has to be Cover, as it is a plain shade and is exactly the tone I love for day time.

I do, however, really like them all and will be wearing them all autumn and winter as they're perfect colours to compliment my wardrobe, as they won't clash, but still have a goth edge for  my winter look, which I like for my dark nights make up!

This was another absolute bargain from cohorted last week and I am so glad I went for it, as matte eye shades are not what I instantly go for! Plus this was a bargain at £15.40!

The Urban Decay Basics 2 pallet is super cute, and is perfect for also taking in my handbag, ready for nights out, should the occur on spur of the moment decisions this winter! :)

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