Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My look into the fuss of Bioderma!

Bioderma has been circulating on blogs, twitter and other social network sites all year now, and I have been wanting to try it out, as people rave about it.

It is expensive, so I have been biding my time to get a good deal on it. 
On Friday I managed to get online the 100ml Bioderma Sensibio for £2.40 and the Sebium for £3.80 on amazon. I grabbed that deal straight away.

The package arrived on Saturday and I was exciting to try this wondrous micellar water!

I use the Sensibio all over my face, and it felt refreshing. 
It removed the traces of make up on my eyes, which still remained, as well as cleaning out my pores.

By the morning, my forehead was greasy again, which is usual, so I used it again, then it was fine all Sunday after that.

I plan on using Bioderma Sensibio morning and night, not right before bed, maybe a couple hours before, to help the soap like product work it's magic on me.

I am impressed with this, however, as it is an import, the price is so expensive and there are a lot of great other micellar waters out there, such as Nivea here or No7 cleansing water here.

Great to try it out, after seeing the huge fuss, but I'd only repurchase if Bioderma come over to the UK to sell, and not buy on the crazy import charges! :)


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