Tuesday, 7 October 2014

High Brow equals a wow brow!

A eyebrow product is something I have never used on a daily basis. I own a few, but my brows are shaped and I don't, at the moment, see the point in using anything on them.

However, I got  a great deal on Cohorted last week! I got the Benefit cosmetics High Brow pencil for £10.40, when RRP is £15.50. so a great deal!

I received the package on Saturday and immediately tested it out. I am in love. It adds a light pink glow to the brow area. I say area, as it is applied under the brow, so show a highlighted glow as sorts, or above to enhance the area. It looks great, as I am very much into my highlighters and like to look better than I actually am.

This is the perfect applicator for a novice, as I haven't a clue what to do with these things, but instructions ARE included and it is so simple to use.

This High Brow pencil will now be a daily product I will use. I look slightly more awake, when running on little sleep too :)

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