Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Galaxy Nails!

Galaxy is my favourite print.
I love the stars, the universe and all it has to offer. The colours are amazing.

So when I was rummaging around in my box of nail colours, I came across a No 7 one, that I had, and never knew. Galaxy is the colour.

It is one of No 7 gel shine polishes and is the best colour ever, for the season right now!

The tones of purple and red and mixed together, as well as sparkles to create a brilliant colour. As well as a high shine, due to the gel look.
You see, with the bottle it looks red, but on it is purple. An excellent mixture of colours! 

This is priced at £7, which is a great price for a quality nail polish. 

I will definitely be wearing this all autumn! :)

You can find it here at Boots

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