Saturday, 25 October 2014

Eyeko Festival Kit!

Eyeko are a company I don't really know much about. 
I got the Skinny Liquid eyeliner from Glamour magazine in June, review here but don't know much more about them.

So, when Asos were selling a bundle of their products for £18, I decided to give them a go.

The Eyeko set is called Eyeko Festival Pack and includes;
Skinny Liquid eyeliner in black
Mascara Off make up remover wipes
Black Magic Mascara

The liner, as I said I've used before and was really happy with. So, I tried out the Black Magic mascara. With such a amazingly cool name, that is what got me enticed with this product.

The wand is a curved one, which should help with the curl of lashes, but it gives a little curl on the end of the lash, but doesn't build up the mascara, and is a little underwhelming to use.

Black Magic is a cute tube, but I won't be using it again after this runs dry, as this is really not the one for me. It does nothing for my lashes, which naturally droop, and I prefer a lot of volume and this doesn't give that sadly.

Mascara off make up wipes seem like a great claim, so I tested these out on the They're Real, the most stubborn mascara to remove EVER. 
They did get a lot off my lashes, but these are basically make up remover wipes, and ones which for only getting 12 in the pack, aren't really worth repurchasing, at £6.

Overall this was a disappointing purchase and a waste of £18, as the liner in summer was with a £2 magazine!

I wouldn't recommend. 
Anyone else really love Eyeko? Maybe I got it wrong? :)

Offer is on at Asos, if you really do love the Eyeko range.

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