Friday, 31 October 2014

Christmas wrapping!

Yes, I admit I have wrapped my Christmas presents! YAY!
I do tend to buy wrapping paper and tags etc in the sales, so love to spend time with making them look lovely.

While pulling out the tags, wrap and bows etc, I cam e across a January sale purchase.

Ciate Tree Trinkets!

How cute are these?! Size plastic baubles, each containing  a Ciate nail polish!

I think I got these for £15, which was half price, so for £2.50 per Tree Trinket bauble, I think it is a great bargain!

Super happy that I discovered these, as I think they'll make the present more special, hanging on the side of the gift bag!

Ciate are doing Tree Trinkets again this year, but seperate at £8 each, see here

I love making gifts different from the rest. What do you do to make Christmas special for others? :)

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