Friday, 3 October 2014

Boots shopping event!

I love Christmas. I love Boots. I love Shopping. So last night was the perfect evening!
I popped along to a local store with my mum, to get our Christmas presents started. There was a nationwide event, for every £50 spend, 1200 points are given. 
Err amazing, love to collect points and spend them in skint months :)

We'd already seen all the things we wanted, and made a list. We probably have enough on that list for each of the 4 Christmas events coming up! there really is THAT much!
However, we are planning on doing each event, but spend exactly £50 at each one, to budget ourselves and get the best deals.

Mum wanted all the Ted Baker sets, as the design on those are gorgeous this year! I wanted all the No 7 sets, as I am a No 7 fan and the have stepped up with their designs and what is on offer this year!

We walked in and got ourselves a large bag to put everything in, a glass of rose Cava was given to us, and an offer of biscuits and mince pies. There was even a DJ getting us in the festive mood. Yes, it is he beginning of October, but it is never too early to start!

The first isle we came to was the Ted Baker sets, so mum got her selection, and had all the 3 4 2 offers worked out.

We then went to the No 7 sets, I got my 3 4 2 and off we popped to have a browse around.

I picked up a Balmi bauble, with I think is such a cute stocking filler for £5 and it has a Balmi lipbalm inside. I went for the blackcurrant, but there is coconut and rasberry also available.

We then looked at all the food gifts and I went for the Hairy Bikers condiments Saucy Threesome £10. cheeky name and my Dad loves his condiments! Perfect gift right there!

Mum looked at the Bench sets and decided on a Bench Essentials Set £6 which had a spray and shower gel in, great for a bloke gift!

This is a No 7 eyebrow set £10! Super cute!

Off we popped to the tills once we had browsed everything and added to the huge lists, we already had for next time!

Luckily, the tills now work out the best deals, such as the best way to put through the 3 4 2 gifts and pay less, and get the great deals! The 1200 are automatically added once the £50 threshold is reached, so it is all quite straight forward this year, where as previously it has been a little fussy!

I spent £50.20! I got 7 items in total!

My favourites are:

No 7 cracker £8 - Mini mascara& eyeliner inside. Perfect for the girls at work!

No 7 bauble £6 - red nail polish inside. Another great gift for girls!

No 7 are definitely my favourite brand in Boots this year, with the innovative ideas with the crackers and baubles. Great start to my festive shopping trips. don't worry there are a LOT more shopping trips to come! :)

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