Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Benefit eye duo compact

I love a good mini, so when I spotted this in Ulta in America this summer I had to grab one $12 well spent. I have used it everyday and LOVE it so much!

This Christmas, as I have posted before, Benefit are doing Christmas stockings, exclusive to Boots UK. See here for details.
As part of their mini's, they have introduced this Boiing/ Eye bright duo compact here too!

The price is £5 here, as part of their mini's collection and honestly you must grab one.

It comes with Boiing shade 02 in one half, and eye bright in the other half. Plus a mirror included in the cute round compact so that you can see where you are applying it!

Eye Bright is one of the forgotten Benefit products I feel, as not many people talk about it, use it or even know about it. So let me tell you about it. 

Eye Bright (bottom pink) is a brightening formula, usually in pencil form, this comes  as a compact. By dabbing some on the corner of the eye, it is instant wake up for your eyes. Perfect for those mornings, where you didn't quite get the sleep you needed!

Boiing (top nude) is the industrial strength concealer, which I apply generously on dark winter mornings, to cover the deep dark circles of the night before!

This is the best bargain I have seen from Benefit, so stock up while you can! 
I have bought 2 more over here, as they are so perfect. 

Available in selected Boots stores until Christmas. 
Offer- 4 minis for £15 + a free Benefit Christmas Stocking.


  1. Oh my god the whole minis thing sounds amazing! Definitely getting down to Boots eek!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. I got addicted! The Christmas stocking is in another post and is SO CUTE! Benefit is my addiction and minis are the best thing ever!! :D


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