Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Foundation

This month until 31/10/2014 Bare minerals are handing out cute samples of their Bare Skin foundation. 
I believe it is  a newbie from them? 
Hey ho, I do love a free sample... Slightly obsessed with them as it happens...!

Bare Skin comes in a a cute little bottle, and is 5ml!

I received quite a light colour, and it doesn't actually say on which shade it is, which is a bit pants if I want to repurchase. So i shall hold the bottle tight!

Bare Skin is an SPF 20, it is a liquid foundation, full coverage and is meant to be brightening.

SPF 20 is exactly what I go for, anything SPF 15 and up is what I need when I am braving the elements on my walk to work.

Full coverage is what I go for in the winter months, as my skin breaks out and my cheeks are mega rosey from the wind. I am all different colours over my face, and so need a great coverage all round. This is great for that and covers really well and evenly, which is something not a lot of foundations do, I have found!

The brightening part, I can see works well. Not too over the top, like  a tint or sparkle, as that would be weird, but just enough so my dull skin looks good under the Bare Skin.

As I understand, Bare Minerals brought this Bare Skin foundation out to be like  a second skin, or rather wearing nothing on. Which is exactly what this looks like. it doesn't look heavy, or fake and looks really well over my rosey cheeks.

However, I usually do go for a warmer foundation, than my exact skin tone. As my skin is literally 3 different shades in the winter months, so it looks better, but the lighter colour is an exact match, so I can always put a bronzer on or powder over if I want to look less dead this winter!

Great little sample once again from Bare Minerals, the first being here back in March/ April this year, which was their Ready mineral powder foundation!

Super impressed with Bare Minerals, and have a few of their items in my collection now!

Grab your sample voucher at Bare Minerals UK Facebook page! :)

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