Friday, 24 October 2014

Avon Colour Trend oil control pressed powder

Now, as I walk to work everyday, for the past two years, my face has to brave the elements. So by the time I get to work and sat down, I can have mascara running, hardly no make up left or a shiny face from the rain.

I am constantly looking for quick solutions, to tidy up my face, and look more presentable for the day.

So, I saw this Colour Trend, oil control pressed powder in the Avon book recently and decided to give it a whirl! It is a oil control powder, which helps combat the shine.

On my face, I get shine on my forehead and nose and sometimes using foundations, they go flakey in winter, due to the dryness of my skin and the harshness of the winter weather. 
I blot powder on to stop this, so thought this would be good for that.

I've used over a week and it does work as a powder and blot out the shine, and the oilyness is down to a minimum. However, the coverage isn't great, as the pad which comes with it is a little flimsy. So I tried with a  brush and it is much better!

It is a good little Avon colour Trend compact, for the price of £4 I paid when on offer. I would have preferred a mirror to come with the compact, but it will still be good to have on me through the winter walk :)

Oil Control Pressed Powder by Colour Trend Avon RRP £4.25
On offer online/ in book - 3 for £4 on Colour Trend

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