Sexy and Scrumptious by Benefit

I strolled into Boots for my lunch on Friday morning, walked past the offers of the week display, and there was Benefit! Our Boots is tiny, so I would never expect to see high end brands, but apparently this is on offer this week and exclusive to Boots!

Sexy & Scumptious is a tin case, filled with lots of Benefit goodies!

It looks like a cute christmas house, and opens up to reveal  a set of minis, perfect for everyday use!

Included in this set is:
High beam 
Posie tint
They're Real mascara
Plus a set of eye shadows: 
Passion Pearl - White
Peachy Sheen - light pink
Terracotta Satin - Pink
Steamy Copper- Light brown
Deep Bronze - Dark Brown

This pink beauty is such an amazing set, and great value at £29.50!


What do you think of this, are you going to be grabbing this bargain?

Offer on until Thursday 6th November according to Boots.

Christmas wrapping!

Yes, I admit I have wrapped my Christmas presents! YAY!
I do tend to buy wrapping paper and tags etc in the sales, so love to spend time with making them look lovely.

While pulling out the tags, wrap and bows etc, I cam e across a January sale purchase.

Ciate Tree Trinkets!

How cute are these?! Size plastic baubles, each containing  a Ciate nail polish!

I think I got these for £15, which was half price, so for £2.50 per Tree Trinket bauble, I think it is a great bargain!

Super happy that I discovered these, as I think they'll make the present more special, hanging on the side of the gift bag!

Ciate are doing Tree Trinkets again this year, but seperate at £8 each, see here

I love making gifts different from the rest. What do you do to make Christmas special for others? :)

Benefit Sunbeam

Benefit Cosmetics Sunbeam is my favourite tint, and favourite highlighter overall.
The golden colour it gives is perfect, for a shimmering cheek look and a great way to highlight my face for a night out, from day look!

Sunbeam was probably one of the first Benefit products which I got addicted to and use none stop over summer, and now use to jazz myself up if I am heading out straight from work.

This golden glow of Sunbeam highlighter emphasises the brightness of my cheeks, if used over blusher, or highlights the brow bone, for a wake me up, sort of look.

This is a sample I carry around me, for if I am heading out, to touch up my cheeks, but I have about 3 different bottles on the go at home, and love to wear this with my Benefit Coralista blush! My favourite Box O'Powder from Benefit, which I talked about here.

I really am still in love with Sunbeam, but have never strayed onto  a different highlighter. 
Are there any other great highlighter liquids which are brilliant? Comment below :)

My look into the fuss of Bioderma!

Bioderma has been circulating on blogs, twitter and other social network sites all year now, and I have been wanting to try it out, as people rave about it.

It is expensive, so I have been biding my time to get a good deal on it. 
On Friday I managed to get online the 100ml Bioderma Sensibio for £2.40 and the Sebium for £3.80 on amazon. I grabbed that deal straight away.

The package arrived on Saturday and I was exciting to try this wondrous micellar water!

I use the Sensibio all over my face, and it felt refreshing. 
It removed the traces of make up on my eyes, which still remained, as well as cleaning out my pores.

By the morning, my forehead was greasy again, which is usual, so I used it again, then it was fine all Sunday after that.

I plan on using Bioderma Sensibio morning and night, not right before bed, maybe a couple hours before, to help the soap like product work it's magic on me.

I am impressed with this, however, as it is an import, the price is so expensive and there are a lot of great other micellar waters out there, such as Nivea here or No7 cleansing water here.

Great to try it out, after seeing the huge fuss, but I'd only repurchase if Bioderma come over to the UK to sell, and not buy on the crazy import charges! :)

Ted Baker bargain set!

For one week only (end 30/10/2014) the Ted Baker "the girl With The Beautiful Face" make up kit is £19, instead of £40!

I snapped this bargain set up first thing Friday morning and one for my Mum too, my brother has said he will wrap them up for Christmas for us :) Good bro!

So what's in this bargain Ted Baker set you ask? Well here it is:

2 x Nail polish - 1 silver, 1 pink
2 x eye crayons - 1 light, 1 dark.
Lip crayon in a dark red.
Eyeliner pen in black
Mascara in black
Bronzing compact with pink and gold tones
2 x highlighter liquids - 1 gold, 1 pearl
a set of eyelash curlers
Kabuki brush for bronzing

Such a great Ted Baker set, and the box it comes in is just what I have been looking for to store all my make up in! :)

YSL Fusion

Yves Saint Laurent are a high end brand, who I would not usually walk towards, at the department store. But when I was browsing the other week, I was offered a sample of their Fusion foundation and as soon as the MUA swept it over my mum, I knew this brand was amazing!

The coverage is full, and covers everything. The skin tone match was perfect.

This is a liquid, which my mum usually never likes, but she loves this and it didn't dry out, in the fresh air like many foundations do!

The Fusion sample offer is on all this month, and there are 400,000 available, and lots of varied tones to choose from, which the MUS on counter will match to your skin.

The Fusion sample has a brush attached to the screw top, which enables a good sweep over my face.

There is quite a lot in the bottle, and should last me around a month or so. I think the sample is classed as a 10 day one though.

So glad I went towards the YSL counter, and will be doing so again! 
I once received their Touch Eclat for Christmas years ago, and loved that also!

The YSL Fusion foundation is pricey at £30.50 for 25ml, but it you want the perfect all over coverage, this will be the one for you. :)

Sample Sunday freebie #3

Number 3 out of my box of goodies if Guerlain Maxi Lash mascara.

Now, this is not usually  a mascara that I would go near, but it came free with a Debenhams order ages ago and so hasn't really been take out of my freebies box, until now.

The Guerlain sample is only about 3 inch in size, but has a good mascara wand on it, to get a feel of what the mascara is like. It is a standard wand, nothing fancy with it.

The Guerlain Maxi Lash mascara is a little clumpy when using, and the wand is short on the spikes, so it doesn't lift my lashes all that well. 
As my lashes naturally go down, I need something to give them a lift, and lots of volume! this does not do that.

This Maxi Lash mascara is definitely not the one for me at all. 
Maxi Lash is not that at all! For £23 I expected a lot more from this Guerlain mascara.
So glad of the free sample though, as I love trying out new products and brands! :)

Bad breakout

Usually I am a lucky girl and have never had bad spots, acne etc. But this week my skin went pimply, spotty and sore :(

I didn't use my foundation, and then went straight to a face wash, to clean out my pores, from whatever had cause this reaction.

So, I went and got back to my favourite face wash is Benefit Cosmetics Foamingly clean. Yeah, yeah, ANOTHER Benefit product, but this is the only one I have found which I love!

I used to use St Ives Apricot Scrub regular, but it bits annoy bit, then I tried No7, Liz Earle and other brands, but this is the one I always go back to.

The Foaminly Clean product is a white, creamy fash wash, which I rub all over, then wash off with warm water. 

Afterwards my face feels clean, which is the aim, it feels smooth and nice. Nice is good, as it was horrible to start with.

Foamingly Clean builds up a good lather and gets all the dirt out from pores.

My face dries up all the oil, no need for a toner and it is soothed a little.

Benefit Cosmetics are expensive, I will say it is an expensive obsession, but this is great working and has lasted since April! At £17.50 Foamingly Clean is is way over a normal face wash price, but I will 100% buy this again, once it runs out! honestly, the best I have used.

If you'd like to test it out first, there is a set of minis available of the skincare for £14.50 here.

Eyeko Festival Kit!

Eyeko are a company I don't really know much about. 
I got the Skinny Liquid eyeliner from Glamour magazine in June, review here but don't know much more about them.

So, when Asos were selling a bundle of their products for £18, I decided to give them a go.

The Eyeko set is called Eyeko Festival Pack and includes;
Skinny Liquid eyeliner in black
Mascara Off make up remover wipes
Black Magic Mascara

The liner, as I said I've used before and was really happy with. So, I tried out the Black Magic mascara. With such a amazingly cool name, that is what got me enticed with this product.

The wand is a curved one, which should help with the curl of lashes, but it gives a little curl on the end of the lash, but doesn't build up the mascara, and is a little underwhelming to use.

Black Magic is a cute tube, but I won't be using it again after this runs dry, as this is really not the one for me. It does nothing for my lashes, which naturally droop, and I prefer a lot of volume and this doesn't give that sadly.

Mascara off make up wipes seem like a great claim, so I tested these out on the They're Real, the most stubborn mascara to remove EVER. 
They did get a lot off my lashes, but these are basically make up remover wipes, and ones which for only getting 12 in the pack, aren't really worth repurchasing, at £6.

Overall this was a disappointing purchase and a waste of £18, as the liner in summer was with a £2 magazine!

I wouldn't recommend. 
Anyone else really love Eyeko? Maybe I got it wrong? :)

Offer is on at Asos, if you really do love the Eyeko range.

Rimmel Stay Matte so great!

I was not a Rimmel fan. I will say that, a few things I have picked up haven't worked out for me. 
However, I had heard good things about their foundations recently and so picked up the Stay Matte mousse foundation.

I said was, as this Stay Matte is amazing! I am converted, from this one item. 

True Ivory is the shade I picked, which is a really good match to my skin right now. 

I put a pea size amount on my hand to rub all over. You do not need even that much!! I used half of that! It covered all over my face, even my nose, and it didn't flake. 

The coverage is full, it is a matte finish and this Rimmel Stay Matte even has shine control, which is perfect! 

I am super impressed with this, and it is just what I needed since i had a breakout of pimple/spots/rash earlier in the week. 

I will definitely try more Rimmel products, maybe a powder to try out over this foundation. 

Have you tried out any other brilliant Rimmel products, that I should know about? :) 

Balmi lipbalm

I brought a lot of lip products back from Orlando in summer, and the one I fell in love with, EOS, is not available over here, so I was on the hunt for something similar.
I came across Balmi in Boots.

Balmi is a square lip balm with an SPF of 15 and full of lovely flavours, such s coconut, blackcurrant or Raspberry, which is the one I chose.

The standard Balmi comes in a packet with a lanyard t hang around your neck. I probably wouldn't use it for this, so instead I have tied it to my bag so it is easy to find!

Balmi also have a Christmas collection out, with their lip balms in cute baubles! I loved them so much, that I have done the 3 4 2 offer at the Boots recent event! 

The Balmi lip balm in Raspberry is so moisturising, much more than the Eos I brought back and it is lovely and refreshing for on a morning, when my lips feel like they are dried up prunes, after braving the winter elements!

Priced at £4.99 they are  a little expensive, but as they last quite a while (2 months and still going strong) I would splash out on this Balmi again. I do have a few baubles to keep me going though.
Blackcurrant is up next after this one, and it sounds good enough to eat!

Have you tried Balmi?
How cute are these baubles?! :)

Avon Colour Trend oil control pressed powder

Now, as I walk to work everyday, for the past two years, my face has to brave the elements. So by the time I get to work and sat down, I can have mascara running, hardly no make up left or a shiny face from the rain.

I am constantly looking for quick solutions, to tidy up my face, and look more presentable for the day.

So, I saw this Colour Trend, oil control pressed powder in the Avon book recently and decided to give it a whirl! It is a oil control powder, which helps combat the shine.

On my face, I get shine on my forehead and nose and sometimes using foundations, they go flakey in winter, due to the dryness of my skin and the harshness of the winter weather. 
I blot powder on to stop this, so thought this would be good for that.

I've used over a week and it does work as a powder and blot out the shine, and the oilyness is down to a minimum. However, the coverage isn't great, as the pad which comes with it is a little flimsy. So I tried with a  brush and it is much better!

It is a good little Avon colour Trend compact, for the price of £4 I paid when on offer. I would have preferred a mirror to come with the compact, but it will still be good to have on me through the winter walk :)

Oil Control Pressed Powder by Colour Trend Avon RRP £4.25
On offer online/ in book - 3 for £4 on Colour Trend

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Foundation

This month until 31/10/2014 Bare minerals are handing out cute samples of their Bare Skin foundation. 
I believe it is  a newbie from them? 
Hey ho, I do love a free sample... Slightly obsessed with them as it happens...!

Bare Skin comes in a a cute little bottle, and is 5ml!

I received quite a light colour, and it doesn't actually say on which shade it is, which is a bit pants if I want to repurchase. So i shall hold the bottle tight!

Bare Skin is an SPF 20, it is a liquid foundation, full coverage and is meant to be brightening.

SPF 20 is exactly what I go for, anything SPF 15 and up is what I need when I am braving the elements on my walk to work.

Full coverage is what I go for in the winter months, as my skin breaks out and my cheeks are mega rosey from the wind. I am all different colours over my face, and so need a great coverage all round. This is great for that and covers really well and evenly, which is something not a lot of foundations do, I have found!

The brightening part, I can see works well. Not too over the top, like  a tint or sparkle, as that would be weird, but just enough so my dull skin looks good under the Bare Skin.

As I understand, Bare Minerals brought this Bare Skin foundation out to be like  a second skin, or rather wearing nothing on. Which is exactly what this looks like. it doesn't look heavy, or fake and looks really well over my rosey cheeks.

However, I usually do go for a warmer foundation, than my exact skin tone. As my skin is literally 3 different shades in the winter months, so it looks better, but the lighter colour is an exact match, so I can always put a bronzer on or powder over if I want to look less dead this winter!

Great little sample once again from Bare Minerals, the first being here back in March/ April this year, which was their Ready mineral powder foundation!

Super impressed with Bare Minerals, and have a few of their items in my collection now!

Grab your sample voucher at Bare Minerals UK Facebook page! :)

Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadow

I absolutely LOVE Dream matte mousse. Ever since Maybelline launched it way back in something like 2002, maybe before...
I love the way glides went on, and the coverage. In fact, I do still use it to this day!

So when I saw a shadow of the same variety, I had to try it out.

I went for a light shade, as I bought it in July from a local make up stall (yes it is as good as you imagine a market stall full of make up to look like!) The sun was shining, and I go minimal in the summer months. 
The colour I got is Gold Aura.

The consistency is mousse like, and soft to touch and glides over the eyelid perfectly.

The dream mousse shadow lasts me all day, where as some cream shadows do get stuck in the crease of my lid, this doesn't and holds it place without primer needed.

The shade is a little light for what I would wear over the darker months, but adds a nice sparkle to my eye.

I am really pleased I picked this up just to try out, but I am sad to see it has been discontinued. So the make up stall I go to, will have me buying a few more so I can stock up for a little while. :)

Make-Up stall bargain finds!

WSo, this week I went to the local make-up stall in town, which is there on Wednesdays and Saturdays and is the holy grail for any skint make-up lover!

It is filled with foundation, high end and drug store brands, liner, mascaras, nails products, brushes. You name it, they will most certainly have it.

I usually get quite a lot of foundations, for everyday from there, plus Maybelline mascaras and Max Factor powders and No7 everything which I adore!

Maybelline is my favourite low end brand for mascara, so when I was browsing this mornng, I saw a new eyeliner from Maybelline, lasting drama gel liner black shock
It was £2.99 and I had just used up my Benefit liner, so I though why not! Check out my Benefit They're Real liner review here!)

I got to work and googled the liner, up it popped on the Boots website for £8.99! So a bargain I have got eh?

I untwisted the cap on it, and it is a dupe for the Benefit They're Real liner, with a stopper in the rubber top and a twist mechanism to make the gel push out of the top.

I have tested it out quickly, by doing some flicks and it is so good!
See below!

I am impressed with the black colour, the twist is straight forward, as I got used to the other brands one, and this Maybelline one is super easy to use!

I have got a bargain with this Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner Black Shock, but at £8.99 in store, that is a brilliant price also, as some retail for £10-22 on the beauty retail!

This Maybelline Black Shock is  a 10/10 for me!
Has anyone else tried gel liners? Is this one the best, or are there other brilliant ones out there?
Let me know below! :)

October Empties

This is my saddest post, as everything seems to have run out all at once!

They're Real Mascara £19.50

Well worth the price, as it is amazing on my lashes!

the POREfessional £24.50

I use this every day under make up. This lasted around 3 months, so pretty good value for that.
Full review here

They're Real Push-up liner £18.50
I admit I wasn't sure of this at first, but I am now in love and first thing on payday I shall be buying myself another one!
Review here.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner £12
This was a magazine freebie in June, which once I got to grips with I loved it for a quick, everyday liner. Full review here.

ORLY nail polish Monroes Red £5
This was free with Cosmo last month and looks great on! more of a pinky red, than vampy.

The top 3 I will 100% be buying ASAP.
what were your October favourites? :)

Benefit eye duo compact

I love a good mini, so when I spotted this in Ulta in America this summer I had to grab one $12 well spent. I have used it everyday and LOVE it so much!

This Christmas, as I have posted before, Benefit are doing Christmas stockings, exclusive to Boots UK. See here for details.
As part of their mini's, they have introduced this Boiing/ Eye bright duo compact here too!

The price is £5 here, as part of their mini's collection and honestly you must grab one.

It comes with Boiing shade 02 in one half, and eye bright in the other half. Plus a mirror included in the cute round compact so that you can see where you are applying it!

Eye Bright is one of the forgotten Benefit products I feel, as not many people talk about it, use it or even know about it. So let me tell you about it. 

Eye Bright (bottom pink) is a brightening formula, usually in pencil form, this comes  as a compact. By dabbing some on the corner of the eye, it is instant wake up for your eyes. Perfect for those mornings, where you didn't quite get the sleep you needed!

Boiing (top nude) is the industrial strength concealer, which I apply generously on dark winter mornings, to cover the deep dark circles of the night before!

This is the best bargain I have seen from Benefit, so stock up while you can! 
I have bought 2 more over here, as they are so perfect. 

Available in selected Boots stores until Christmas. 
Offer- 4 minis for £15 + a free Benefit Christmas Stocking.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

I'd heard a lot of great things about Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. A spray which can set make up in place for the day and control oil?! I had to check this out myself! 

It is a little pricey for just a test out though, so when Cohorted (yes my new favourite site) had it on offer for £6.75 it was a fabulous opportunity to try it out! 

I tried out Sunday, as the weather was a bit crazy. The wind was swirling, it kept spitting with rain and then sunny also. All the elements were out in force so I thought I'd give this wonder product a go.

The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray even has two caps, one main purple one and one to cover the nozzle, so that it doesn't leak out and waste the precious liquid!

I sprayed on over my make up, in a X along my face, then a line along my eyes,
so that my face should be set for the day. 

Here is a picture for before I stepped out;

And here is 7 hours after... 

My hair did not survive, but my make up, eye look and in particular my blush! 

My blusher hardly ever stays, by the time i've done my morning 30min walk to work! So i am amazed that it survive the windy weather and me lying on my bed! 

The All Nighter Setting Spray is wet going on, but dries in several seconds and doesn't feel sticky! It also controls the oil, so my face didn't end up shiny! 

I am so pleased with this Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray! I will be buying more once this runa dry! :) 

Sample Sunday Freebie #2 Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals have given away some cute samples this year. 
Their mineral foundation was a great one, and in August they gave away samples of their Lash Domination mascara.

This is only 2 inch in size, but the wand is the same size as the standard mascara, making it easy to use. 

The Lash Domination wand is a swirl shape around, which is for the volume build. This works good, but the mascara is a little heavy and it doesn't hold the lash in place. 

It is a good forumla, which is easily removed with make up wipes and this sample is a great size to carry around. 

I do have this Lash Domination mascara from a set I bought in America, but probably would not repurchase, as I have found plenty more mascaras, than Bare Minerals doing the job much better. 

Great as a free sample. Always best to try before you buy. :) 

The Yorkshire Soap company

The Yorkshire Soap company, is a few cute little shops dotted around Yorkshire.
One has opened it's doors in Leeds close by to the Trinity centre.

The shop is filled with various shapes of soap. Fruity smells, chocolate smells, cake smells, mint smells, etc. Yum! All handmade and lovely.

At this time of year, they have a selection of Halloween soaps on display in the corner of the room. Pumpkin soaps and witch bath bombs.

As a surprise my parents bought me a skull shape soap! I am in love with skulls.

This a gorgeous peppermint flavour, which at first smell I thought it was my other love, a candy cane!

The skull is with cross bones and has great detail in the face, with teeth and eyes!

It is such a great gift, and it will be on display for Halloween at the end of this month.

I don't think I am going to use this one, but their soaps are really great for a good lather and the bath bombs smell amazing! 

I am really excited that they are in Leeds now, as the other shop I have visited is in Harrogate, which is a little further a field. The fun quirky shapes, designs and amazing smells is great for a unique gift this Christmas, as their range has just gone into store :)

A few pictures of the Halloween range are on their facebook page here.