Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I had been eyeing up this Urban Decay Perversion mascara, since before it's launch, but did I really need ANOTHER mascara... Well, last week I decided I did...

I got this mascara at a steal of a price on Cohorted £8.39, when the RRP is £17!
How could I let that one go?! 

It also came with a lash primer! 

Perversion mascara is a thick wand, with is great for giving a lift to lashes. 
The dark black colour is perfect for what I look for in a perfect mascara! 

I am really pleased with this Urban Decay product! As with all their brilliant collections, though.  Such great volume that has last me all day! 

The Subversion primer also helps a lot I should think. 
As it coats and primes the lash ready for it's main layer. 

The Subversion primer is a sample and doesn't usually come with the mascara, so this was an excellent offer. 
It has definitely helped a lot with my lashes, as the naturally dip, but this has given a great lift!

As you can see the length created is amazing! 

So happy with this bargain! I will be using it daily! 

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