Thursday, 25 September 2014

Popped my Real Techniques cherry!

I have never used a brush for a base or foundation before, as testing out foundation brushes put me off with their flat streaky marks. 
However, a friend posted a YT video, using the brush with liquid foundation. 
The brush was the expert face brush, it buffed and smoothed the foundation so well into the skin! I had to get one. 

So off i popped to Boots and used my points to buy this. 
At £9.99 i thought it was a little more than i'd rver imagine to buy, but it is so worth every penny! 

By using this my make up looks smoother, as well as getting into every part with consistency. 

I was expecting it to be hard bristles, but they ate soft and not prickly like i was assuming. 

The length of the brush head is perfect in size, while the handles grip is brilliant. 

I am so happy to have seen the video of how to use this, as i would still be using my fingers to apply my base, if not! 

Looking for other btushes in the collection soon! :) 

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