Friday, 12 September 2014

No spending!

So this month, maybe longer i am having a no spending ban. But it is mainly to use up everythingggg i have and clear my cupboard ready for Christmas ;) 

I bought this the other month! Super cute mini & bag came free. So will be using all of this up before buying more! 

I got these two samples, so this should keep me going, as i don't wear foundation every day, as i like to let me skin breath some days. 

I bought lots of No7, so all the shower things will keep me lovely and fresh! 

I also got a bargain on my favourite mascara from Benefit and some cute samples came with! 

So all in all, i have TONNE to get through. So i was thibking i shall use everything i have, then save up and get some treats for Christmas. As i LOVE Christmas shopping days, in London or local shopper night events! That is the best thing to wait for :) 

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