Wednesday, 1 October 2014

No 7 Match Made

I went and tried out the No 7 Match Made Service the other week. 
They use a device, on your cheek which finds out which shade of foundation suits you. 
I was Cool Ivory. 

The No 7 advisor then asks what your foundation preferences are, like do you prefer liquid, powder or matte and such like. 

I wanted a matte liquid as i had heard great things about theres! 

The coverage is full and leaves my slin looking great. I don't really like the shiney look so matte is my preferred choice. 

The shade is a little lighter than one i usually go for, as my skin changes so much with the weather! It is really warm looking in summer and pale as a vampire in winter! 
This colour also looks grey. 
I love the consistency of the product though. 

I will give it another go, last in the "dark" months, when my skin needs full cover and suits the lighter shades. 

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