Monday, 8 September 2014

Cougar Launch party!

On Thursday last week I headed to the launch event of this, Cougar Beauty
The company is relatively new and I found out about it from a friend, who I used to work with. I was pretty excited, as I love going to fancy parties and events for beauty launches!

Cougar Beauty was hosting a party for their skincare, to promote it and launch it to all.
There were huge discounts on the products for that night only, as well testers of the products and a cute gift bag to take away, with a couple of sample freebies in there!

OK, so at first the name put me off, I am getting to an older age, and don't consider myself a "cougar", however, on second look I think the brand is trying to say it is for people striving to be younger, as the skincare is full of anti ageing products.

The number one product I was keen to sample was their Viper Venom, as soon as I saw the name on facebook, I HAD to try it, and find out what it was all about. The serum is an anti ageing product which has been developed to firm the skin. It all sounds fabulous.

I also enjoyed a glass of bubbly ;)
The products I bought were;

The lip plumping gloss - a lip gloss, which plumps lips as applied. It feels like sharp stabs, but not in a painful way, more as in "I can feel this working" kind of way!
The lip gloss also lights up, which is fab for a night out when you can't find it in your bag!

Airbrush Stockings -  I have been dying to try the Sally Hansen one, and thought this was a perfect alternative. The product covers your imperfections, and goes on basically like stockings would. I did have to ex foliate etc first, like I would with fake tan. But then applying is quite straight forward with the mit and I am pleased with the smooth results.

This brand of Cougar Beauty is aiming for the high end market, which can be seen with the elements of gold included in some products, and with the extravagance of venom in their skincare. It really works well, as the products do work.

It was a fabulous launch party to attend, and I was really pleased with the goody bag!

Goody bag included:

Snow White - teeth Whitening pen - Quick& easy way to whiten before a night out!
Caviar cream - Day/ night - Ultra firming.
Lots of leaflets with discount codes on them, to buy online at the same prices as the launch night!

Looking forward to seeing lots more now! :)

To find out more head to:

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