Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I had been eyeing up this Urban Decay Perversion mascara, since before it's launch, but did I really need ANOTHER mascara... Well, last week I decided I did...

I got this mascara at a steal of a price on Cohorted £8.39, when the RRP is £17!
How could I let that one go?! 

It also came with a lash primer! 

Perversion mascara is a thick wand, with is great for giving a lift to lashes. 
The dark black colour is perfect for what I look for in a perfect mascara! 

I am really pleased with this Urban Decay product! As with all their brilliant collections, though.  Such great volume that has last me all day! 

The Subversion primer also helps a lot I should think. 
As it coats and primes the lash ready for it's main layer. 

The Subversion primer is a sample and doesn't usually come with the mascara, so this was an excellent offer. 
It has definitely helped a lot with my lashes, as the naturally dip, but this has given a great lift!

As you can see the length created is amazing! 

So happy with this bargain! I will be using it daily! 

Benefit Christmas sets!

I went for my monthly brownwax at Benefit today. Upon arrive i immediately zoomed in on the Christmas sets which were on their display! 

They all look amazing! 

Cheek Sweet Stop £29.50
6 of the famous Benefit blushes! 
Dandilion, Hoola, Bella Bamba, Coralista, Sugarbomb, Rockateur. 
This is a tin which everyone needs this Christmas! 

Goodies A Go Go £19.50
A cute mini tin with eyeshadows, primer and mascara! 
They're Real mini, Stay Don't Stray and 4 eyeshadows in; 

Fun Sized Flirts £29.50 
Mini sized of their best sellers! Love my minis and this set is a great stocking filler! 
They're Real, Sun Beam, Dandilion, Bad Gal, Ooh La Lift, POREfessional, That Gal, Instant Comeback, Posietint and Stay Don't Stray. 

These are my favourites out of the shelves so far! But they ate plenty more weeks until Christmas, so the lowdown on more soon! :) 

Popped my Real Techniques cherry!

I have never used a brush for a base or foundation before, as testing out foundation brushes put me off with their flat streaky marks. 
However, a friend posted a YT video, using the brush with liquid foundation. 
The brush was the expert face brush, it buffed and smoothed the foundation so well into the skin! I had to get one. 

So off i popped to Boots and used my points to buy this. 
At £9.99 i thought it was a little more than i'd rver imagine to buy, but it is so worth every penny! 

By using this my make up looks smoother, as well as getting into every part with consistency. 

I was expecting it to be hard bristles, but they ate soft and not prickly like i was assuming. 

The length of the brush head is perfect in size, while the handles grip is brilliant. 

I am so happy to have seen the video of how to use this, as i would still be using my fingers to apply my base, if not! 

Looking for other btushes in the collection soon! :) 

Nivea Micellar cleansing water 3 in 1!

I've never been one to keep up to a skincare routine. But after discovering great waters, i love to refresh my face. 

This micellar water from Nivea removes make up, cleanses and moisturises skin. It feels so lovely after using.
Not greasy, feels hydrated and it is super easy to use! 

I am a face wipe kind of girl, for removing make up, but this is so easy, that i am definitely coverted. :) 


I saw cohorted on twitter, with their big bargains in lots of beauty buys and had to get in on their amazing items! 

The first item i bought was POREfessional. I had just run out so it was a perfect oportunity. I "joined" and the proce was £18.80! That's about 24% off the RRP! 

POREfessional by Benefit is the most amazing product. It is designed for pores, but my aren't too wide and so use it as a base and to make my skin lovely and smooth. 
Some days i wear this alone, and my face feels so soft with it! Lovely! 
I have tried all sorts of primers, but i keep going back to this one. It is THE one for me. 

The next item i bought was MAC crew highter from 2012 collection! 
This powder highlighter is filled with pink, purple and orange tones, which when mixed together is a lovely pink pop. The cream under layre is great for an all over the face glow. 
This was £14 and RRP is £25! 

Also included as surpises for an apology for it taking a little while to post my first order, were MAC Haute and Naughty lash mascara RRP £19. 

This is a thick brush, which has two ways of using it! I love the volume it gives my lashes. 

MAC Prep + Prime mini sample. This is a white cream solution primer. It smoothes on really great and my skin feels lovely and soft. Maybe a second beat to my favourote POREfessional! 

All the items were wrapped on the cute polka dot pink paper and embedded in paper so they didn't break in the box. So much love and care was given! 

I will certainly be buying more from Cohorted real soon! Super impressed with their service :) 

You Beauty freebie box!

You Beauty did an offer last week, where they gave a code to get their September box for FREE!
How amazing is that?! 

I'd never had a You Beauty box previously, and so just expected the two products which I selected, but I got an array of things! I was really happy with it.

The two selected products were:

Eyeko Hydrogel eye Patch RRP £15 (4) 2 x included.
I had heard amazing things about these, so I was keen to try them out!
They are AMAZING and soothing, I love them.

Mavaladry - Fast drying nail polish finish RRP £5.95 (around)
This is a top coat for nails, which makes the polish dry in 60 seconds. Pretty good, as I always choose to paint my at the last minute.

Onto the extras, which I wasn't expecting!
Make up sponge - amazing love those!
Toni& Guy volume whip - I shall giveit a go, as I love volume!
Crabtree& Everlyn flavoured tea x 2 - yum love a fruit tea in winter.
£25 voucher for www.hellofresh.co.uk - Could be a good first order for my dad :)

I thought this was an excellent array of goodies to try out. I was really impressed that it was free, but looking at the £6.95 monthly cost, I think it is so worth it! :)

No spending!

So this month, maybe longer i am having a no spending ban. But it is mainly to use up everythingggg i have and clear my cupboard ready for Christmas ;) 

I bought this the other month! Super cute mini & bag came free. So will be using all of this up before buying more! 

I got these two samples, so this should keep me going, as i don't wear foundation every day, as i like to let me skin breath some days. 

I bought lots of No7, so all the shower things will keep me lovely and fresh! 

I also got a bargain on my favourite mascara from Benefit and some cute samples came with! 

So all in all, i have TONNE to get through. So i was thibking i shall use everything i have, then save up and get some treats for Christmas. As i LOVE Christmas shopping days, in London or local shopper night events! That is the best thing to wait for :) 

Eyeshadow the quick and easy way!

picked up some new things from No 7, seeing as thought they had theit money off vouchers again. 

I went for some eye shadows, as i love metallics/ browns in autmn and winter and these seemed so perfect for quick mornings! 

The above is pewter, a metallic grey which sparkles slightly, but not too OTT. 

A grey is great for the office. 

I also went for a bronze, as it is by far my favourite colour to wear as it matches with everything. 

It is mu number one at the moment! 

It is also so easy to use, does not smudge and looks brilliant on. 

I am really pleased i went for these as they completely different to my usual make up items, but really great products! :) 

Some kind a gorgeous - my first love!

This was the first product from Benefit I completely fell in love with. Back when it first came out, I was rubbish at doing make up (still am) and this was the easiest foundation I have come across! 

I repurchased it the other week and fell in love again! It has a sponge applicator, easy enough for rushed mornings, a cream to powder finish and a cute mirror so it is handy for handbag carrying! 

I got the medium as my skin is light/ medium and it covers well. It is not oily either which is a win! 

I love that it is like a record too, as that is what first drew me to it on the Benefit Cosmetics counter. 

So happy to have this back in my life. First love is always the best :) 

Cougar Launch party!

On Thursday last week I headed to the launch event of this, Cougar Beauty
The company is relatively new and I found out about it from a friend, who I used to work with. I was pretty excited, as I love going to fancy parties and events for beauty launches!

Cougar Beauty was hosting a party for their skincare, to promote it and launch it to all.
There were huge discounts on the products for that night only, as well testers of the products and a cute gift bag to take away, with a couple of sample freebies in there!

OK, so at first the name put me off, I am getting to an older age, and don't consider myself a "cougar", however, on second look I think the brand is trying to say it is for people striving to be younger, as the skincare is full of anti ageing products.

The number one product I was keen to sample was their Viper Venom, as soon as I saw the name on facebook, I HAD to try it, and find out what it was all about. The serum is an anti ageing product which has been developed to firm the skin. It all sounds fabulous.

I also enjoyed a glass of bubbly ;)
The products I bought were;

The lip plumping gloss - a lip gloss, which plumps lips as applied. It feels like sharp stabs, but not in a painful way, more as in "I can feel this working" kind of way!
The lip gloss also lights up, which is fab for a night out when you can't find it in your bag!

Airbrush Stockings -  I have been dying to try the Sally Hansen one, and thought this was a perfect alternative. The product covers your imperfections, and goes on basically like stockings would. I did have to ex foliate etc first, like I would with fake tan. But then applying is quite straight forward with the mit and I am pleased with the smooth results.

This brand of Cougar Beauty is aiming for the high end market, which can be seen with the elements of gold included in some products, and with the extravagance of venom in their skincare. It really works well, as the products do work.

It was a fabulous launch party to attend, and I was really pleased with the goody bag!

Goody bag included:

Snow White - teeth Whitening pen - Quick& easy way to whiten before a night out!
Caviar cream - Day/ night - Ultra firming.
Lots of leaflets with discount codes on them, to buy online at the same prices as the launch night!

Looking forward to seeing lots more now! :)

To find out more head to: http://www.cougarbeautyproducts.com/

Samples hoarder!

These are many MANY samples I get free. 
I do a weekly email where I send out where people can also get them, spread the love and inform people to try before they buy, sort of thing. 

They are brilliant for weekends away, holidays, or even for carrying in my bag for a top up! 

Sooo many samples to even blog about, so over the next few weeks, (maybe over the whole of winter) I shall blog about all these things! 

Until then tweet me, to find out how to join! @sampan_27 :) 


I love Benefit. I love ordering online for them, due to their cute tissue wrapping and samples with purchases. 

Here i got The Real Steal for £19.50 + free delivery! On NOW for 24 hours! Go! 
Sign up to their email to find out how! 

I went for the sample of Total Moisture as it is so lovely for my skin and these bubbles are great to carry around in my bag! 

I also got Agent Zero Shine, the newest offering from the POREfessional range. A powder which gets rid of shine! Great sample size with brush to have in my desk make up bag! 

I then ordered a pencil sharpner (little cheeky as it's £4!) and got a sample of Posie Balm! Perfect for afternoon touch ups! 

It is so worth being signed up to Benefit Cosmetics UK email for these amazing samples and freebies! :)