Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ultra Radiance

In the heatwave of July, I grabbed this from Benefit. Ultra Radiance is a spray which moisturises over or under make up. It is also greatly refreshing to spray throughout the day. 

The spray is part of Benefit's tri radiance complex, which is all about hydrating, comforting the skin as well as soothing it. Let me tell you, it feels amazing with this mist! 

This mist spray doesn't leave my face greasy, or wet feeling. It really does feel like a splash of cooling moisture. 
I am really impressed with using it over make up too, as it doesn't smudge it! 

I've used it every morning over my liner, bronzer and mascara, and it hasn't smudge or run any of it. 

Love this stuff! Can't believe I didn't buy it sooner! :) 

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