Friday, 8 August 2014

Popped my Lush cherry!

I have finally popped my Lush cherry! I was wanting try this for a while and popped into a local one and went for it! 

This is Sweetie Pie, a shower jelly suitable for washing, shaving and shampooing! Amazing! 

Sweetie Pie smells of cherries, coconut and blackcurrant! Yummy! 

I don't have a bath, so it has put me off buying from Lush before, but this seemed like the perfect pick up! 

So it can be used as a shower jel, getting the lovely sparkles and fragrance everywhere.

It also has uses for shaving and can be a good scalp scrub. 

I pulled a chunk out in the shower and got to work*. It was devine! 

I only got a 100g tub, which I think is the perfect size and will definitely be buying more of this soon! 

Really glad I tried Lush out! :) 

*Might have slipped out of my hands a few times, so it was really fun to try out!

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