Friday, 1 August 2014

Boots points savvy spends!

Had a trip to Boots last week, where there was half price bikinis (yeah i wear a bikini!!) and a few cool bits that attracted me. 

I admit i am a major bargain hunter, going for the best deal and save where i can. So i had built up my Boots advantage card points over this year and decided to treat myself! 

I saw the Benefit The Real Steal sat on the Benefit Cosmetics counter so snapped one of those up! 
Then i'd heard about the Ultra Radiance spray. 

This is a spray which licks in moisture, while also keeping make up in place. 
Now usually i am never bothered about this in the heat, but lately i have been very dry and tight, while also want my eye make up to stay put. 

The spritz also cools my face on those mega warm spurts throughout the heatwave! 

Excellent use of my Boots points and really great purchase! 

Ultra Radiance £20.50 
The Real Steal £19.50
Boots bikini £9 

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