Avon Argan wonder!

This shampoo and conditioner duo is a filled with argan oil and gives great volume! 

It was on offer for £1.60 each and what a bargain! My hair has never felt so good! 
Lots of volume and completely nourished, which is good as my roots are ready for a touch up and this gives life on it's last few days! :) 

Benefit eyeliner swap

Take an eyeliner along to a Boots Benefit counter and swap it for a mini They're Real eyeliner! 
It can be old, new, any brand and any colour! 
Pretty great, as i have had some crap liners in my time! 

This should give you 7 days use. So pretty good for trips away and holidays! 

The offer is on for two weeks. 
Any eyeliner brand, colour& type.
Boots With Benefit counters only. 

No7 newbies!

No7 are doing their money off vouchers again, so i am trying out new products! 

I bought the No7 Blissful Body Wash, a lively smelling, rich and creamy wash. I have used this a few times before as i got it in Christmas gift sets, and i love it! My skin feels so nice after using. 

Beautiful Skin facial oil goes on as an oil and then when wet it lathers up and cleansers skin, while keeping it fresh. So nice on my face and no need to moisturise afterwards as my skin looks radiant! 

This product is brand bew and i haven't tried it before! Luxurious Foaming Shower Oil.
It is an oil which foams up when it is wet. It moisturises and cleanses skin. It is good to pour over skin and use a scrunchie to smooth ocer skin. 
My skin feels amazing after just one use! I think the argan oil is the best part if the oil. 

I am a fan of No7 anyways, but these shower buddies make me even more so. A really great purchase i made! :) 

Majorette blush!

Majorette is the newest edition to Benefit Cosmetic's blusher family. This cute drum shaped pot is filled with a cream blusher, which is meant for the apples of the cheek.

The colour is an orangey/coral burst of colour, which looks great by itself or to pair with one of the box o powders, such as Coralista! 
This cream blush turns to powder when applied and gives a lovely pop of colour on my cheeks! 

As an added bonus it smells like peaches! So delightful! 
This is the perfect colour that i go for, and looks so good on.
This looked so good on QVC the other day, that my mum now wants one! :) 

Great colour on the apples of my cheeks! 
New favourite make up item! :) 

Majorette is available to buy now for £23.50 online, or head to a counter launch this Saturday 30th August! :)

Mini Vaseline

I picked up this cute lip therapy staple, Vaseline in CVS over the pond and i am so happy with it. 

This one is cocoa butter and i also got a pink tinted one also Rosey Lips.

It is 7ml so the perfect size to slide in my side pocket of my handbag! 

It is so moisturising for my lips and i am really pleased with it! 

Let's hope it's available here really soon! :) 

Hollister tiger fragrance!

Tidelands Bay by Hollister is a purchase i made when at the til with my arms full in Orlando. 

It was a quick no thinking purchase, but i am so glad i did! The smell is so lovely, i can't get enough! 

Described as Cranberry - Tiger - Caramel
I can definitely smell the caramel and cranberry, not entirely sure what tiger is. 
It is really expensive here at £12 a bottle so beat to buy when a sale is on! :) 

Ultra Radiance

In the heatwave of July, I grabbed this from Benefit. Ultra Radiance is a spray which moisturises over or under make up. It is also greatly refreshing to spray throughout the day. 

The spray is part of Benefit's tri radiance complex, which is all about hydrating, comforting the skin as well as soothing it. Let me tell you, it feels amazing with this mist! 

This mist spray doesn't leave my face greasy, or wet feeling. It really does feel like a splash of cooling moisture. 
I am really impressed with using it over make up too, as it doesn't smudge it! 

I've used it every morning over my liner, bronzer and mascara, and it hasn't smudge or run any of it. 

Love this stuff! Can't believe I didn't buy it sooner! :) 

Bathina is soft to touch and hard to get!

Bathina by Benefit Cosmetics is coming up for a relaunch, which made me realise I have a bottle to use up in the back of my cupboard! 

This is a dry oil mist, which is perfect for spritzing after long soaks or hot steamy showers! 
The oil is not greasy either, which is hard to come by with most! 

I love the pink curvy bottle and spray! The design is so couture that I have it out on show in winter months, which is when I use it the most. 

It isn't a sneazy, over powering or coughing sort of scent. It is one like talcen powder, which softly goes on with no fuss. :) 

Police To Be

There was an amazing offer at Superdrug last week for half price or less perfume! 
So i had a browse and snapped up the offer of Police To Be. 

I went for this mainly as it is shaped like a skull, and it is purple to match my room! 

The smell is citrus and fruity! Especially nice for a summer scent! 

Teally pleased i got this bargain for £10! It even had a scarf as a free gift! :) 

Popped my Lush cherry!

I have finally popped my Lush cherry! I was wanting try this for a while and popped into a local one and went for it! 

This is Sweetie Pie, a shower jelly suitable for washing, shaving and shampooing! Amazing! 

Sweetie Pie smells of cherries, coconut and blackcurrant! Yummy! 

I don't have a bath, so it has put me off buying from Lush before, but this seemed like the perfect pick up! 

So it can be used as a shower jel, getting the lovely sparkles and fragrance everywhere.

It also has uses for shaving and can be a good scalp scrub. 

I pulled a chunk out in the shower and got to work*. It was devine! 

I only got a 100g tub, which I think is the perfect size and will definitely be buying more of this soon! 

Really glad I tried Lush out! :) 

*Might have slipped out of my hands a few times, so it was really fun to try out!

New make up bag!

I got a cute new Ted Baker make up bag yesterday! Loving the floral print at the moment , plus the fact this was reduce to £4 from £16 I had to get it. 

I am a fan of lots of make up bags. I have quite the collection and have winter make up in one, summer make up in another and bits and bobs in smaller ones. 

This is going to be for my current uses, like Benefit favourites and bronzer i use. Minimal for these hot summer times! :) 

National lipstick day loot!

Last week was National Lipstick Day!
To celebrate this, Debenhams had £5 off lipsticks + a free gift. 

I opted for MAC and after browsing i biught Morange. It is a lot brighter than what i usually go for, a little reddy, orange number. However, there's a lot of love for it and i wanted to try it out. 

I love it! I wasn't expecting to, but it is the perfect colour for summer! Seriously the best! I shall save my purples and plums for winter months now! 

The gift with purchase mystery gift was lots of fragrance samples and a mascara sample! 

This is a floral scent which is a little over powering, but will work good for my walks to work as it will last. 

Diamonds is one i have wanted to try for a while, so i super glad i have this sample ! Such a modern classic! 

Guerlain mascara is a cute size to carry around and the wand looks great for getting that all important volume! 

Really pleased with the offer Debenhams had on and hope to see more like this soon! :) 

July empties!

My july empties! 
Usually i never have empties, as i am so impatient i cannot wait to use EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE! 

But here in July it was so hot i showered loads! 

Avon - Advance Techniques argan oil
A girl at work is doing Avon so i've been testing a few things out. This haur care range is the best i've used in a long time!
My hair feels so soft! Just ordered more today £1.60 on offer this month! 

Aussie - Beach Mate
I have never tried Aussie intense conditioners, as my hair has natural oils (its greasy!!) but this look like exactly what i needed after my hols. It is great, smells lovely and works wonders on my dry damage hair. My hair is back to being soft, even though it is bleached! 

Olay Venus razor
Smoothest legs i have ever had! Lovely olay balm around the blades so it moisturisers too! Yum! 

Liz Earle - hot cloth cleanser
Best stuff everrr! It feels so good, smells devine and using the cloth to wipe off is amazingly soothing! I will 100% be buying this in full size! Luckily for now i have another sample in my cubboard! 

Loved every one of these products! 

What were your favourite empties? :) 

Boots points savvy spends!

Had a trip to Boots last week, where there was half price bikinis (yeah i wear a bikini!!) and a few cool bits that attracted me. 

I admit i am a major bargain hunter, going for the best deal and save where i can. So i had built up my Boots advantage card points over this year and decided to treat myself! 

I saw the Benefit The Real Steal sat on the Benefit Cosmetics counter so snapped one of those up! 
Then i'd heard about the Ultra Radiance spray. 

This is a spray which licks in moisture, while also keeping make up in place. 
Now usually i am never bothered about this in the heat, but lately i have been very dry and tight, while also want my eye make up to stay put. 

The spritz also cools my face on those mega warm spurts throughout the heatwave! 

Excellent use of my Boots points and really great purchase! 

Ultra Radiance £20.50 
The Real Steal £19.50
Boots bikini £9