Sunday, 27 July 2014

Velvet kiss

Everyone seems to have been wraiting about these new lip products from Bourjois! 
Rouge Edition Velvet, the reason? They are the best long lasting product in matte finish EVER! 

The bright vivid colour lasts right through, past morning coffee, past lunch and past dinner! It lasts a whole day! Which is great cos i love wearing lipstick, but always forget to top up my pout throughout the day!

The colour i chose was pink pong, a bright pink stand out shade that would make any day brighter! 

The colour is matte, my favourite and is high in pigment, which honestly does last the whole day. Mine did 9.5 hours, but then I washed my face! 

The colour swatch here is one coat, which is all that is needed, as it is bright pink and off we go with the day. Love! 

One of the best lip products out at the moment and definitely the longest to ever stay on my kissing tool! 💋 :) 

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