Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings mini set!

Another of my USA purchases was the Too Faced Beauty Blogger set, which was a cute set of mini's that I really wanted to add to my ever expanding collection. Plus it had some primers and a bronzer in, which I was keen to try out!

In the set there is;
Better Than Sex mascara mini
Chocolate Soleil medium/ deep matte bronzer
Primed Poreless primer
Shadow Insurance eye primer

The first product in here I wanted to try was the bronzer, as I wanted to look like I was keeping my "just off holiday" glow!

The Chocolate Soleil bronzer is a matte finish which is a must for me, as I hate the shiny sparkly (cheap looking) bronzer s on the market, and like to stick to one that suits my skin.

I apply with a soft brush, and sweep over my forehead, nose and cheeks. Circling on my cheeks to create  a bit more of a deep look.

I was a little worried when I saw medium/ deep in the shade, but it is not as dark as I expected with that description!

The next product I was interested in was the mascara Better Than Sex. I had previously tested this out from the Sephora Lash Stash and I was really impressed with the brush, which curls and twists, which means it picks up the lashes to lift them.

The colour is good and the consistency is great for everyday, as it isn't thick and prone to clumping like a lot of well known brands!
Really impressed with this and hope to find it on some UK counters soon!

The Shadow Insurance eye primer has been great for keeping my eye-liner on and smudge free. 

Sometimes in this hot, sticky, non glamorous weather, my eyes crease and sweat. Lovely! But this helps my make up stay fresh all through work and I still looked great at 6pm when I got home!

 Too Faced Primed Poreless is a little like other primers out there, closing pores ready to smooth on foundation, or leave bare for the day ahead. 

It is a light peachy sort of colour and once blended in it is colourless and leaves no marks. My face felt smooth and soft, and I left it like that as I don't tend to use foundations or anything during the hot seasons. This is mainly due to my change of face colour with tanning, but also I do't like anything heavy on my skin when in the sun :)

I am so glad I managed to pick this cute kit up in Sephora and will be using it all throughout summer. Hopefully Christmas time  will bring some similar products and sets to the counters! if not, back to Sephora I go, when I am in Spain this Christmas :)

RRP $20 - Sephora online now ships to UK!

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