Wednesday, 30 July 2014

They're Real mascara!

Finally, I am writing about They're Real mascara by Benefit Cosmetics
The number one best seller in the UK! 
I love it. 

They're Real mascara is a different kind of wand to start with, as it is spiky all around. 

The spikes pick up individual lashes and curl them, making them look like falsies. 

It also has a spiked end which is used for "going vertical" which is great for an extra lift and for the bottom lashes! 

My lashes naturally droop down, so I don't get the instant lift like many people do with mascara. However, with They're Real I do get this. 

Above: left with, right without. 
The volume here and thickening is amazing. 
Also the deep black colour is my perfect shade! 

The false lash effect They're Real gives me is amazing. It is my number one mascara! 
Please note; with my lashes they never will be the eye opening, spread out look like others, so this is showing the volume,  the length and the lift that i would get with falsies. 

There's an array of sets out at the moment for the mascara.

The Real Steal £19.50
They're Real mascara and mini liner

Lashes with Altitude travel set £29.50
(Airport purchase by my manager! Best present!!) 

They're Real is priced at £19.50 which is a lot but it actually works and I have everyone I know addicted! 

I never buy into fads or miracle products, but They're Real mascara is worth that hype. :) 

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