Monday, 21 July 2014

The Fab Pore by Soap And Glory

The Fab Pore by Soap& Glory is a 2 in 1 pore mask and peel. 
It is a green cream filled with little exfoliator beads, to get in pores to purify them. 

It says to rub over the t- zone and on large pore areas which need un-clogging. 

I went for the whole face, to see how it felt afterwards.
It felt like a tingling sensation slightly.

When the product said face mask and peel, I was expecting to peel it off after the maximum 15 minutes. However, I think that was misleading as it is a wash off product. 

Anyhow, after 15 mins I washed off. 

As I don't really have pores to unclog, I wasn't sure of the effects. It just felt like a standard face wash. My skin feels clean, but not as amazing as the hot cloth cleansers I am favouring at the moment.

I definitely would not pay the RRP of £10, as there are a LOT of cheaper face scrubs out there! But I guess if you have the need for pore cleaners, this is your product! :)

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