Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Lash Stash To Go by Sephora

I cannot be in a beauty shop without buying mascara. I admit my addiction. So when I heard about the "Lash Stash" which Sephora do, I believe yearly, I had to get in on it! 

This summer it was one is full of minis, so you can take them everywhere with you, on the go, in your bag, on vacation and office... 

Included in this are 5 big brand minis, plus a voucher for a full size one of these! 
The mascara included are:
Lash Domination - Bare Minerals
Stop Painting Your Lashes - blinc
Hypnose - Lancome
Better Than Sex - Too Faced
Lights Camera Lashes - Tarte

All these have completely different brushes, meaning different lash looks and various looks such as more volume. 

See above for the different brush/ wands.

Lash Domination - Bare Minerals
The twisted brush is good when getting volume and holding each lash. Little clumpy, but is brushed out on the second coat.

Stop Painting Your Nails - blinc
This is a great wand for my lashes, as naturally my are super long, so they fall downwards and this little beauty plumps them up! 

Hypnose - Lancome
I heard excellent things about this mascara and it did not disappoint! The brush is curved, which helps caress every lash and hoist my long ones up, and gives a generous coating of the liquid.

Better Than Sex - Too Faced
Wanted this just for it's name! What a great attention grabbing one it is. Claims also to be better than Benefit's They're Real, which I can see why. The brush is chunky which I always go for, to build up some weight in my lashes. I love this brush the best out of all 5. 

Lights camera lashes - Tarte
Tarte is a cosmetics name I have heard so much about. So I'm glad I got my hands on a product to what it is all about.  The brush is thinner than most I reach for, but is it amazing for the corner lifts and the bottom lashes! Really great. 

I love the different in all the wands and the different things each mascara does. I love each of them, which is why I couldn't decide which to spend my free voucher on!

So I still have that, for when my Auntie goes to Orlando at Christmas, and she can pick me up my favourite. Hopefully I will have decided by then! 

So glad I managed to grab this in the states! :)

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